Nov 10, 2023

💋💁🤳 (I just say things as they are) Yeah dude I totally love IMAX not 'The Marvels' so much... A chick flick???... I think the Marvel Cinematic Universe is awesome... I enjoyed the Captain Marvel in 2019... Buuutt, wait a freaking minute... ~ Nov 10, 2023 ~ |


FREE GUY:  Why are there no "men" in this movie?... Did I just pay $25 for a IMAX movie, a million bucks for popcorn and soda, on a 60 miles road trip to see, a sequel to Barbie 2023 for kids and the mass exodus in woke feminist Hollyweird?... Plus 25 minutes of nonstop commercials - Oh my lord!... The Marvels was a disaster and a waste of good time (sorry)... It's not superhero fatigue its woke media being bad at everything and ruining characters we love... I might be too old for this shit... sooo... if you're a teenager, a girl or a guy, with girlish behaviours, likes Indian-American Bollywood movies, musicals, the Goose the flerken who eats HUmans and spit it out again and a lot of nonsense, go watch The Marvels... What i'm really, really looking forward to is "Dune: Part Two." (March 15, 2024 due to labor strikes). Bummer.. | 

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