Oct 2, 2023

πŸ”­πŸ§­⛆πŸŒͺ️🀯(Mind-blowing doc abt groundbreaking Star Wars ionosphere- and electromagnetic biological warfare) HAARP 1998 - HOLES IN HEAVEN - FULL LENGTH DOCUMENTARY ~ Oct 2, 2023 ~ |

FREE GUY: The question in my mind - who controls all HAARP facilities in 2023? WH or BH's? One of the best documentary i'd seen so far. HAARP, an acronym for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. HAARP is the world's most capable high-power, high-frequency transmitter for study of the ionosphere. Officially, HAARP, was build after Congress asked DARPA to better communication, navigation, surveillance in 1990. Buuutt, we know now, that it can alter and control minds, weather, and even earthquakes. It can control all electric- and electromagnetic fields and frequency to all living things by transmissibility of microwaves to ELF waves. It can even detect and imaging of underground structures using ELF/VLF radio waves. And that is not all it can do. They also used it for space research and weapons for space applications. Now we're taking abt (DEW) plasma weapons, solid projectile, including lasers, microwaves, particle beams, and sound beams etc. etc.... |

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