Oct 11, 2023

⭐πŸ—³️πŸ‘¨‍πŸ’Ό (In case you missed it) Phil Godlewski’s ‘Two Lies and One Truth’ Game ~ Oct 11, 2023 ~ |

Phil did a recent podcast that he creatively made into a game. It’s really quite long, and if you don’t care to go through it all to pan for a few nuggets of information…I’ve made notes.


The EBS will occur before the end of 2023.

Speaker of the House ~

Donald Trump or Jim Jordan will be the next Speaker of the House.


Assuming a one to one ratio, the chance of Gold and Silver exceeding $10,000 per ounce is 100%.

Edward Snowden ~

Even after Edward Snowden became the most well known (and first) whistle blower, he continued to help the White Hats in the plan to save the world…the Great Awakening.

JFK, Jr. ~

Phil has met JFK, Jr. since his alleged death in person.

Joe Biden ~

Joe Biden will resign from office, immediately followed by criminal indictments.

Med Beds ~

Med beds will be free of cost in terms of money, but we will need to “do something” in return. I’m assuming that his statement is in line with what Skye Prince has said about it: basically that we have to be a participant in our own well-being.

Not only will the beds have the ability to cure all illness, they will also be able to diagnose future coming illnesses.

The RV ~

BRICS countries have already done their revaluing (with gold-backed currency), and the non-BRICS countries have not.


Donald Trump’s return hinges on one more very strategic event to occur, and then he’ll be back. His return is not waiting for the 2024 election.

Stock Market Crash ~

Roughly half of the sealed indictments (half of 500,000) are Wall Street stock market traders, bankers and higher ups, including crimes against humanity and treason charges.

When the QFS hits, the stock market as we know it will never be seen again.

The Mickey Clock ~

Posted by Q as a hint around a particular event, date or time…i.e. “the single most important event you will ever go through in this entire life.”

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