Sep 4, 2023

πŸ™ƒπŸ”„πŸ₯΄ (SoTW Sundry, Monday Madness & Goofy Gaslighting) True Or False.? 'Phil Godlewski 2.0' claims that a $21 TRILLION check from 'World Alliance' was signed over to the United States Department of the Treasury to wipe out the US National Debt. Similar operations goes on all over the world... SoTW says: Lets define the end. Arrest them all with 500K Sealed Indictments ~ Sept 4, 2023 ~ |

Rumors of MASSIVE Cabal attacks: from Corona-agenda 2.0, to 'Energy Weapon' used on Fans on Lana Del Rey Concert. 'Burning Man' people are suffering something weird to Weather ManipulationsLand grabbing and Missing Children. Reaching a climax at Sept 22-23-24 2023 (acc. to 2 tarot readers TBJ + Izabela and 1 vedic astrologer)...| 

FREE GUY: PLAN A-LIEN Nasa never-a-straight-answer holds ‘secret conferences’ on plan if we find ‘evidence of alien civilization’... Cloud-seeding? Black Rock City lock down w/ 70,000 trapped at 'Burning Man' Festival in 'Hell' mud Apocalypse...  Prince Andrew AKA “Playboy Prince”s clone (known to be dead and gone) accused of sexually abusing two children during a visit to Ukraine... Pfizer tested its ‘Booster’ on 23 people before Biden’s FDA unleashed injections on all Americans; no questions asked (No Shit, Sherlock)... LOOK at the priceless faces on the newscasters when TRUTH come out (video below)... There are fires, flooding and many weather attacks around the world scaring the people. 'Deadly floodings' or 'D.U.M.Bs flush-outs' - not ONLY floods at 'Nevada desert.'  or 'wildfires' in Canada, America and Portugal. Right now floods are everywhere, from Columbo, Sri Kanka, New Delhi, Japan, China, Spain, Turkey and the United States etc... |

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