Sep 27, 2023

ðŸĨīðŸ˜ŪðŸ’Ļ (O Hell No! Joe Gaslighter-in-chief out! In comes Ladyboy 'Big Mike' Obama) Anything Goes: Biden is in big trouble ~ Sept 27, 2023 ~ |

FREE GUY: It's all over social media. Everyone is taking about desperate Demonrats are prepping none other than Michelle "Big Mike" Obama to be their candidate for 2024 U.S. President. Tucker Carlson has broken the news in February of 2023. We knew from the start that Barry Soreto a.k.a Barack Obama, is the one running the 'shitshow', anyway. Since 1980, Basiago and Barack Obama (then using the name Barry Soetoro as gay, muslim CIA asset) were in the Mars training course in Summer 1980, CIA Mars Jump Room project, when Barack Obama, being pre-identified as a future President as a 19 years old smoking weed dude, dating gay-men... |  

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