Sep 8, 2023

😎🥳✌️ (Freaky-Friday: Truth hurts. Should I leave Jasoom saying "Ak Ohum Oktay Weez - Barsoom" & marry Dejah Thoris?) Todays Crazy Vid, Quotes & Memes ~ Sept 8, 2023 ~ |

FREE GUY: I'd 300K + views last month on SoTW. Now, I basically can't scrape together 100 views per day. Did I say something wrong? I AM to honest and open-hearted in a time of fear? Did I hurt your feelings and offended you because I tell the true-true abt Ukraine, freemasonry and that Evil exist? To harsh on the Woke mentality? As an energy-healer, I feel a lot of stress from the 'collective consciousness', ready, to give up!. We're not out of the woods yet. No Sir!. Buuutt, you and me need to understand we're fighting a evil that has ruled over Earth for 1000s upon 1000s yrs that will never ever lay down their arms, and fight, to last man standing. And take, as many Earthlings as they can get a hold on, with them, in their demise or fall... The truth can hurt... but you should still see and accept the truth. Major periods of transformation are the number one cause of spiritual exhaustion. Everything on the physical plane is a manifestation of something on the metaphysical plane. The truth can hurt because sometimes it’s difficult to accept the realness of a situation because it shines a light on things we don’t want to see about ourselves and what is actually happening in our immediate life. Other times, the truth is painful because it forces us to confront unpleasant realities or truths about other people, who we worship or desire to become - and it’s easy to desire fantasy relationships vs those with real people. Sometimes the truth just hurts because in our hearts we know the answer, but it’s hard to hear certain realities said aloud... |

Quantum physics has gone WOKE. You couldn't make this up 

Would Disney ever make a movie about a transgender little mermaid who is played by a black transgender man who falls in love with a Jewish man? - Quora
Prince Andrew Files Protected until 2065. (

What is the truth about mystery skyscraper with NO windows that looms 40-stories tall in the middle of New York City? | Daily Mail Online
Putin may already be DEAD as 'real' despot has not been seen in public for over a year, Ukrainian spy chief claims | The Sun
Versions of Putin and Beyond – Era of Light

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