Aug 28, 2023

🕳️🚇💥 (Yuuuge Victory WH Ops CIA HQ & CERN 50% Disabled) Laura's View and Tarot, Too: Rabbit Trail: Gotthard Tunnel Derailment Closure and the White Hearts (White Hats)...Connection? ~ Aug 28, 2023 ~ |

Gotthard rail tunnel: Gotthard Rail Tunnel: World's longest, faces months of closure following freight crash - The Economic Times (
Does CERN Host The Real CIA Headquarters? - The People's Voice (

FREE GUY: Look at all the 'blues'; CERN logo, pride + blue on Google Chrome, WEF's logo is blue and Blue Star Gate and on Angela Merkel's jacket AKA Hitler's Nachwuch who was a Rothschild - so the rumors goes. The color of 'blue' is very important for Maui fires and DEW etc. Nyla Nguyen will explain in more details in the next video report on And I do love the blue color on SoTW (anyways)... | 

Earlier this month, a freight train derailment in the Gotthard Tunnel has prompted a closure that is going to last months. We reviewed the demonic opening ceremony held for this tunnel, and other data that included CERN and the reputed CIA Headquarters in the North Area of CERN. While the Gotthard Tunnel is not publicly acknowledged as connecting to CERN and the North Area, the Universe was asked if this tunnel closure was due to a White Heart action that has impacted access, technology, etc. for the DS? Tarot table decor purchased from

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