Aug 24, 2023

⚡⚠️⚡ (***FLASH*** SPIRITUAL WARFARE & PSYWAR UPDATES) Where the Heck are the Children? ~ Aug 24, 2023 ~ |

FREE GUY: Doctors received cash rewards for every patient they got vaccinated: “My child’s pediatrician made over $750,000 from Pfizer during covid,”. Gunman fatally shot by Pittsburgh police after 'hundreds of rounds' fired near children's hospital is another FALSE FLAG OPERATION while Republican debate live?? At the same time, Donald Trump jr says; Fox News is trying to censor and silence Trump supporters to protect their hand-picked establishment candidates. C'MON MAN! In the meanwhile, German govt (and Danish), introduces bill to fast-track legal gender changes for children and Russia, has laws to forbid that. Doja Cat who HAD 500,000 followers on Instagram ‘Kittenz’ fanbase and video “Paint the Town Red” features Doja Cat removing one of her eyes to then descend into a diabolical adventure that is highly symbolic. Judy on DC (dinarchronicles) has received an Emergency Alert saying that the Canadian Government was murdering citizens of Celista British Columbia under the same fire scenario as in Maui. William Combes, who as a child witnessed multiple rapes and killings of other children at the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia, including the kidnap by Queen Elizabeth of ten children who were never heard of again. Karli Boone, who's been trying to report on the missing children of Maui. When she repeatedly asked Mayor Bissen to disclose where the children were the Maui police head locked her. The four schools in Lahaina served over 3,000 students before the fire. Only 400 of them were now enrolled in other schools, with 200 doing virtual learning. That leaves at least 2,400 children unaccounted for....

It's official. SoTW no longer believe a single thing reported by the mainstream media and will always think everything they say is more likely fake than real and will think for myself at all times. AAAND the situation abt the reporting of Prigozhin's entire chain of command was on the exact same plane together shot down by Putin. Do we really think he's that stupid? A political source in the Wagner group told Al-Jazeera: Prigozhin's body was not confirmed in the wreckage, but his phone was found near one of the bodies. The American Embassy in Minsk, Belarus (The country where Wagner is presently located) is being evacuated. At the same time, North Korea launches missile; Japan sounds AIR-RAID sirens. POST-TROPICAL CYCLONE HILARY was just the beggining; 
Rare ‘sprite lightning’ seen over Tropical Storm Nicole, Puerto Rico braces for Tropical Storm Fiona and potential floods, Hurricane Earl is forecast to reach Category 3 by late Thursday, Hurricane Earl to hit Bermuda as storm swell threatens US East Coast and Tropical Storm Danielle expected today as system grows in Atlantic... | 

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