Jul 26, 2023

🀑🎈πŸ₯΅πŸ€” (What the HOTTING HECK is going on!?) Watch the Shitshow or Die! It's summer - time to Panic? Get ready for Green-Greta Thunder-Thunberg Climate Change Agenda! With 95% certainty, the Ditlevsens foresees colder weather, collapse of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation ending the beech trees, between 2025 and 2095. Tucker says, Ep. 10 of ‘Tucker on Twitter’ just dropped driving through South Central LA with Ice Cube! Creepy Biden and Obummer, Nobama to be arrested? Masked up Biden claims to have ‘ended cancer’! WTF!? The Cloned Obama and 'Michael' who killed Tafari?! Does The White Hat controls Elon Musk doubleganger? Congress is holding UFO hearing this week - what to expect? ~ July 26, 2023 ~ |

 PANIC! (bitchute.com)

House Oversight Committee's UFO Hearing - YouTube

Warning of a forthcoming collapse of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation | Nature Communications

Biden claims to have ‘ended cancer’ — RT World News
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