Jul 15, 2023

πŸ™ƒπŸ”„πŸ₯΄ (SoTW Saturday Sundry) Sniffer-Joe is back gobble up little girl before SNIFFING her on the tarmac in Finland... Nothing can go forward: Activating RV / GCR / G-NESARA. Takedown of Nazi-Nato and Putin on conducting a special military operation. Removing EU, UN, Secret Societies, Freemasonic orders etc. etc. before Biden is gone. You know that right? ~ July 15, 2023 ~ |

Free Guy: Tucker grills rep. candidate Mike on Ukraine... illuminating Hollyweird a-list actors’ strike exposing Pedowood and dead actors - now CGI created... India launch to hollow titanium moon is once again a smokescreen and big joke for SSP and HUmanity... A Bridge Too Far? Fake Biden forgives $39BN in student debt after US Supreme Court nixes Biden's $400BN student debt... Aspartame, artificial sweetener “possibly carcinogenic to humans” says WHO ~ no shit, Sherlock... The Getty Museum considered by Earth Alliance to be worst, disgusting and horrific tunnel system yet w/ 18 stories below ground, and THOUSANDS kids rescued... Taiwan rumored to be US-backed biological weapon nest like Ukraine w/ Adrenochrome fact. & CIA's sex trafficking ring, just like Ukraine... Harvard discovers elixir of youth? BUUULSHIT!?... |

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