Jul 9, 2023

🍆👌🌮🤫 (Putin: 'The West is Controlled by Satanic Pedophiles.') CNN encourages viewers "NOT" to see anti-pedophile movie Sound of Freedom ~ July 9, 2023 ~ |

Created by SoTW. That was after Great Saint James, U.S. Virgin Island that belonged to Danish businessman, multimillionaire, Christian Kjær, scored 143 million DKK on selling the island. And you know what? Jeffrey Epstein, stealthily acquired that island hideaway...
Free Guys: Sorry guys! The gloves are off! Below is very disturbing and heartbreaking. Somebody has to stand up for the Truth about Child Sex Trafficking. Elitist, Illuminati and Cabal Child Sacrifice. Kids and the worldly rescue effort in Underground DUMBs. Adrenochrome Harvesting. Marina Abramovic Spirit Cooking. Clintons pay-to-play. Obama's Planned Parenthood’s Bloody Business etc. etc. Very reliable rumors has it, that, Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark, were frequent user of sex clubs (swinger) and was gay and into younger boys. Just like DDFO-Daisy is lesbian (just like Hillary Clinton). SoTW mom as a retired nurse, told me that she has (proof) that Prince Henrik, died, of Pneumocystis lung disease that is normal in homosexual men. After calling up the head nurse and her friend, at "Rigshospitalet" (the largest hospital in Denmark), who was in charge of the Consort, never to be King. Another rumors has been passed on by the "cleaning people" at a specific Hotel on Greenland, that says, there was many bizarre sex parties going on and the Danish royals (Moloch) was among them. Tarot by Janine did 2 x 1 hour video on that and Monarch of Denmark and it was very, very disturbing, what she found. A short time later, TBJ channel on YouTube, was removed and banned (forever)... | 

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