Jul 18, 2023

πŸŽ₯😲✋ (OMFG! SoF funded by Mexican Drug Lord Carlos Slim + Skybridge Project + Tim Ballard = Freemason?) Sound Of Freedom Psyop, Fauci & Christropher Wray Busted, Folic Acid Exposed, And More! ~ July 18, 2023 ~ |

More details emerge regarding the movie “Sound of Freedom” which look like to me to be a psychological operation to play on people’s emotions. Fauci & Christoper Wray being called out in public for lying and breaking the law. Folic acid is not as healthy as what people think it is. It’s being exposed for causing postpartum depression in women.

Free Guy: 3D to 5D Consciousness with Nyla Nguyen has some good pointers, but SoF as a Psyop? No way! At least, SoF looks like a 'soft disclosure'-movie, but the beginning of exposing the #PedoWorld... | 

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