Jul 10, 2023

πŸ–– ~ πŸ’— ('Most starseeds are from the 5 Elohim groups who upgraded humans.') Family of Taygeta: Who are the Pleiadians? ~ July 10, 2023 (Free Guy: According to my Danish holistic ND with 50 years of experience, very true and describes, by and large, what is known from other sources, e.g. Sumerian tablets, Zecharia Sitchin) ~ |

Pleiadians teach us that of about 200 million starseeds currently incarnated on Earth, 75 million are Pleiadian soul origin. Arcturians are incarnated in the second highest numbers at 50 million.

Pleiadian starseeds originate from the stars most connected to Galactic Federation: Taygeta, Maia, Merope, Alcyone, Atlas, Sterope, Electra, Celaeno.

There have been Pleiadian visitors from the surrounding planets but the Pleiadians connected to humans and Earth's ascension live on these stars.

Our Taygeta family lives on the surface of Taygeta (AMEKA) which is a paradise planet in higher dimensions. Merope (MOEKAH) Pleiadians are from the star Merope, and so on.

The Pleiadian light language word for Pleiades is LASHAE.

Taygeta = AMEKA
Merope = MOEKAH
Alcyone = SHAMEKIH
Celaeno = SILOMEEH
Sterope = AHMOKOLI
Atlas = ASHIH

Galactic Federation discovered Earth millions of years ago when humans were a primitive species barely surviving. They never left and have remained mostly unseen to allow humans to develop without outside interference. They can't solve all our problems but they do many things to assist.

There are about 40 races represented within Galactic Federation but only 5 are directly involved in the upgrade of modern humans (Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans, Orions).

All human souls have either incarnated many times only to Earth or are starseeds who volunteered to experience being human, agreeing to forget who they are. Most starseeds are from the 5 Elohim groups who upgraded humans.

The human starseed is not the same as the Pleiadian higher self. The soul is having a human experience, not living as a Pleiadian in a human body. These ideas are easily confused in the spiritual community.

Pleiadians aren't mortal like humans. They did not evolve. They are not bound by time or space. Their technology is like magic. They can bi-locate across the galaxy instantly. They are Elohim which means they originated in 12D and created their own identity and civilization.

Some people are stuck in racist ideas when it comes to 'white' Pleiadians and Earth race representation. Please know that all human souls have lived as every human race and every human feature can be found somewhere in the universe.

The truth is, the variety of human races on Earth would not exist without Galactic Federation involvement. Our Souls are aspects of God-Source, but our genetic bodies are upgraded in the image of our Elohim parents, lead by Pleiadians.

No one is trapped on Earth. Humans are experiencing many trials which are preparing Earth to become a 5D galactic civilization. There is no great battle of light and dark being fought for Earth's liberation. The spiritual battle is within us individually. Light always has the power.

This 3D duality is a temporary experience that will soon end at the Shift, and humans will reunite with Galactic Federation as family. It will happen in your lifetime.

Who are the Pleiadians? familyoftaygeta.com/who-are-the-pl… 

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