Jul 23, 2023

🔮🎴💖 (TBJ: JULY 22nd 2023 WORLD NEWS VIDEO!) Who is Juan O'Savin? Kerry Cassidy says it's JFK! Janine says it's not JFK, but might be a family relative 🃏 CERN's Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland at WH' control work-in-progress for HUmanity. Given to humans by advanced civilisations then hijacked by BH and again in WH control 🃏 Tornado that damage Pfizer plant in North Carolina, was a WH ops or Alliance. A natural born tornado redirected with advanced technology for destruction of a Pfizer facility 🃏 The removal of Biden + Financial Crash + EBS and the EVENT. It's all gonna happen, not at once, says Janine with days in between. And like Juan O'Savin predicts, it will be during fall of 2023. Or during Libra (September 22 to about October 23) ~ July 23, 2023 ~ |


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