Jun 7, 2023

💣🛸🤫 (UFO BOMBSHELL STORY OF THE MILLENNIUM) Tucker Carlson on Twitter: “in journalism,” tucker says, “curiosity is the greatest crime.”. He then ask many questions about the best conspiracy theories and last in the video podcast follows with a story about UFOs, a topic the New York Times - which broke almost every important UFO story this decade - is presumably too scared to write about. ~ June 7, 2023 ~ |


Tucker Carlson on Twitter with no gatekeepers - shortwave radio under the blanket - over 13 million views on the first episode...

Free Guy: Ukrainians blow up Kakhovka dam like 2022 Nord Stream pipeline sabotage, as we now know, says Tucker.. Zelenskyy to decent for Terrorism. Sweaty and ratlike, (like Biden and Mette? almost kiss up and kick down eating each other like Berlingske.dk says?) who turned oligarch. Prosecutor of Christians. A friend of Blackrock. George W. Bush calls Zelensky the ‘Winston Churchill of our time’. Don't' believe you own eyes, says Tucker. Lindsey Graham and Zelensky are just 2 good people, laughing when killing Russians, like 2 friends do.. Media lied, they do. Most importantly, they ignore the stories that matters. What happens to the hundred of billions of US dollars we send to Ukraine? - no clue. Who organized these BLM riots 3 years ago? - Nobody got to the bottom of that. What exactly happened on 9/11? - Still classified. How did Epstein make all that money and how did he die? How about JFK? - and so the list goes on. Yesterday, says Tucker, a (US Air Force veteran David Grusch) whistleblower, former intelligence official says government possesses 'intact and partially intact' craft of non-human origin and bodies, who flew those aircrafts. In other words, says Tucker, UFO's are actual real and apparently are Extraterrestrial life. Now, we know, says Tucker... | 

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