Jun 5, 2023

๐Ÿ‘ฅ๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ™Œ (“Russia, Russia, Russia Russiaphobia”) Clandestine ~ Why the Globalists are Terrified of Trump’s Relationships with BRICS Leaders (GAOG) ~ June 5, 2023 ~ |

'Free Guy' P.S.: Rumor has it, that, Kerry Cassidy, CEO and Founder of Project Camelot and Project Camelot TV, I've meet IRL in London, at Simon Parkes "Awake and Aware" conference, says; BRIC nations (with the gold backed system) has been infiltrated by Black Hats or Dark Forces. I do not think so Kerry. I refuse to believe that. With all due respect. If BRICs goes down - we're doomed!... | 

by Clandestine, June 2, 2023

Is it starting to make sense now as to why the Left began the propaganda campaign via the Russia Narrative back around 2014-2015? Why they label everything they don’t like as “Russian Disinformation”?

The Deep State knew this day would come. They knew Putin knew about their malevolent activities in Ukraine. Russia witnessed the US use their power to take over Ukraine via Colour Revolution in 2014, and cause mass unrest and civil war that continues to this day. The Deep State knew that if an outsider like Trump got into office, that the allegations from Russia would eventually come to light, and their crimes against humanity would be exposed.

The MSM began laying the groundwork as soon as the US established their proxy government in Ukraine. All the sudden, every time an American turned on the TV, all they heard was “Russia, Russia, Russia”. It felt like it came out of absolutely nowhere.

The MSM started brainwashing Americans years in advance, to prep for allegations from Russia that were inevitable. So when they day finally came that Russia was going to push back, the American public wouldn’t believe a single word that came from Russia.

I’d say that their propaganda campaign was largely successful, as the majority of Americans are blissfully ignorant to all that moves, but their plan ultimately failed. The truth got out, and is slowly and subliminally being etched into the minds of every citizen. “This process is impossible to stop”, as Putin would say.

Why did the media try to make ties to Trump and Russia? Well there might have been some legitimacy to that, but that was under the assumption that Putin was bad guy. As we can see now, it was not Putin creating proxy countries on America’s border and releasing biological weapons on the world. It was the “Liberal-Globalist” entity within the US government abusing their power and committing crimes against humanity.

And now that I look back, Trump seems to have a stellar relationship with all the Leaders of the BRICS nations. Who have now all come out in support of Russia and their accusations against SPECIFICALLY against the US DNC/Liberal Globalists and their biological malfeasance in Ukraine.

Let’s take a look shall we.

Trump and Putin with the iconic passing of the football. Trump and Putin have always been friendly and cordial, which scares the living piss out of the Deep State. And now we know why. It’s not because Putin is this Hitler-like figure hellbent on world domination, it’s because Putin knows where the bodies are buried.

Trump and Xi at the iconic Forbidden City, with which outsiders are not allowed. Xi made an exception for Trump and Melania. Trump may attack China in the media, but he and Xi are very friendly. Keep in mind other countries have Deep State infiltration as well. China’s actions don’t necessarily represent Xi, just as much as the US’ actions in Ukraine don’t represent Trump.

Trump and Bin Salman, the Saudi Crown, and the iconic sword dance, only reserved for after “military victories”. Trump has a stellar relationship with Bin Salman and they have completely reversed the US relations with Saudi Arabia. After the corrupt princes were executed for treason and human trafficking, of course. (Yes I’m aware Saudi are not part of BRICS yet, but Saudi are aiding Russia in their war in Ukraine and are in talks to join BRICS as soon as possible)

Trump and Brazilian President Bolsanoro, who is incredibly red-pilled, anti-globalist, and he LOVES himself some Trump. You don’t see world leaders greeting Biden like this. That’s real happiness.

Trump and Indian Prime Minister Modi. With which Trump has a phenomenal relationship as well. Lots of warm embrace and true diplomacy between the two. Their friendship is well documented and widely adored. You ever seen anyone hug Biden or Obama like that?

Do we think it’s a coincidence that Trump is buddy buddy with the BRICS leaders, and is unanimously despised by the Deep State leaders of NATO? Do we think it’s a coincidence that all the world leaders Trump has a good relationship with, just so happen to be directly accusing the last 3 DNC presidents of crimes against humanity?

The reason the left and the media began their anti-Trump, anti-Russia campaign all those years ago is because they knew this day would come, and their only chance at stopping it, was preventing the public from seeing it.

Their efforts are futile. The reckoning is coming and absolutely nothing can stop it. And the heroes, are not who you might expect.


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