Jun 16, 2023

🏃🕳️🐇 ('Looks like Solomon's Temple. Getty is the crown jewel of the whole structure') Steven D. Kelley - Underground City at the Getty Museum ~ June 16, 2023 (Free Guy: Steven begins by saying; Are you guys ready for this??) ~ |

BIO: If you are not familiar with Steven D Kelley, he is an ex CIA/NSA contractor, whistle blower, laser pioneer and inventor, truth activist, reiki master, spiritual healer, psychic and an astral traveler. Steven D Kelley is the owner, creator, and show host on Truth Cat Radio, at TruthCatRadio.com. He can be listened to LIVE every Thursday night at 9:00 EST, 6:00 PST. Steven has been a presence on radio formats since his days on Revolution Radio several years ago, where he grew a base of nearly a million listeners to his channel, which the station had never had before. After leaving Revolution Radio, he was on American Freedom Radio, then Steven created Truth Cat Radio in 2016, where on Thursday nights LIVE he hosts The Steven D Kelley show. His weekly shows can currently be watched on YouTube at the Steven D Kelley channel. He also has given seminars, lectures and has presented commentaries on Press TV and RT as an independent analyst, researcher and journalist... |

Free Guy: This is about "Cavers" (elitists or idiots) and or 'Templers, Bilderbergers and illuminatis" (modern Olympians or Polyhteists), who worship their Queen as their big head lizard, and those that is ABOVE them, Roman, Greek and Egypt gods, Steven says. Getty, one of the most protected places on Earth and satanical elites that is so intoxicated, they kill a million people, because they are animals with their masters on top "Aliens from 4 dimensions" and alike, who get their LOOSH. Steven in this SHOCKING speech and I mean MIND-BLOWING 1 hour of truth about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, but in particular, about the most EVIL place on Earth beneath Getty Museum. Steven is dedicating his appearance of shining the light on the most Evil places on Earth to Bill Cooper, Phil Schneider and Gary Webb, who all gave their life's to spread the truth. Oh you think you KNOW what's going on at Getty? You do not! Did "Pedo" Prince Andrew, Duke of York, visited J. Paul Getty Museum to look at his mom's pencil drawings? Wrong! He flow in Edwards Air Force Base and traveled by underground tube system to Getty, since, there's High Speed Tube Trains , that connects, every single DUMB around the world... | 


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