Jun 26, 2023

πŸ”‹πŸ›©️πŸš• (Close, but no cigar. All battery electric vehicles controlled by oligarchs & the usual suspects) Lean green flying machines take wing in Paris, heralding transport revolution ~ June 26, 2023 ~ |

Lean green flying machines take wing in Paris, heralding transport revolution | AP News

Free Guy: BS story really! This is a joke right? Skies filled with flying, nonpolluting electric taxis, that will revolutionize the world powered up by same Reigning Oligarchys: They are the Rockefeller, the Morgans, the Mellons, the du Ponts, the Vanderbilt, the Guggenheim, the Fords, the Gianninis & Company etc.. What abt free energy? Verdensalt.dk (SoTW) has been on top of these 6,000 thousand classified patents in years and put a lot of effect to understand the connections to Oligarchy, the Jewish Rothschild Pyramid and The medical, intelligence and military–industrial complexes. etc. etc... One thing I have learned so far, that in a "near" future, we will have our freedom back, and with one swift move, our Planet Earth, will be liberated and superadvanced technologies is gonna help us all, most of that, invented by humans other things stolen and copied by Extraterrestrial Reverse engineering... You see, there's unstoppable force out there, together with our Galactic friends in the skies and Source Creator God Cosmic Omniverse, that want HU-manity to break free from this Matrix Prison-Planet or even, orchestrate to spring of the A.I. Reptilian Overlord from prison, so 'IT' could be overturned with Pure Light Source Energy and if not, destroyed in Galactic Central sun, like George Bush Sr., was and other UNHOLY MEN)... | 

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