May 14, 2023

🙏 ~ 💝 (When SSP Soft Disclosure "Crater" mashes up 'The Goonies' with 'Interstellar' and 'Moonfall.') Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ May 14, 2023 (SoTW; P.S. If you wonder about Denise' dad, the Master Sergeant, did not want go beyond his NDA and was afraid what they could have done to him and his family, if he spilled the beans. He died in 2019) ~ |

'Not many souls on Earth has the very top "Majestic" clearance to know it all. I.e. the 38th (or 46th) top level secret clearance of the US which is 21 level higher than the US president. Let's assume the real (Pres.) Trump and 2nd (body double) Pres. Putin knows a hell of a lot more than they let us to believe ~ SoTW

Editor's Note: I think I know a lot about Earthly Secret Space Programs, but I do not! It's beyond imagination and unfathomable reality. When Quantum Healing Med-Beds are located in every corner store to remove any illnesses. When Tachyon Energy is free for healing and harmony. When every HUman have access to Portable Teleportation Device like in Tomorrowland. When the Secret 6000 US Patents of Suppressed Technologies are released. When Money doesn't exist anymore like in the “Star Trek” universe. When [QFS] Quantum Financial system & the Quantum Living System with a few accepted cryptocurrency will benefit HUmanity and not the 1%. When 24/7 truther TV from SpaceX's Starlink megaconstellation will give HUmanity a lesson in the real history exposing the lies of the global cabal parasites. When Earth Alliance reveals as the ones that is in charge to disclose files that have been retained hidden by the Deep State for a very long time - like centuries. When First Contact happens - the term described the first official encounter between representatives of two races or governments etc., etc. Together we create empowered, spiritually aligned individuals and communities, thereby uniting the human family in an era of peace and prosperity, and assisting in the establishment of the new Golden Age on Earth... | 
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