May 9, 2023

(∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━ 卐 (Russia “will prevail” - ‘For a world without Nazism’) Moscow marks Victory Day and Putin calls his opponents for "scum and traitors". Accuses Western powers of trying to build a system of “robbery, violence and suppression”. Moscow announces new crackdown on "false information" (SoTW; My Ukrainian ex-wife has once told me, some crazy sh*t about how much she hates Russians, but also, the dark history of how corrupt Ukraine is etc. etc. I've been to Ukraine, Odesa or Odessa and Saint Petersburg in Russia. Odessa has some of the most gorgeous girls/woman, I have seen... Anyways, make no mistake about it; the "original version" of most evil and vicious KGB Putin, we see today, is not among us anymore, on the earth plane. The cloned version is working for the white hats. That is my believe anyway) ~ May 9, 2023 ~ |

Globalist elites provoke bloody conflicts and coups – Putin — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot: Pending War Used as Cover Story for Alien Invasion of Ukraine and Crimea. Devils Mountain of Black Magic/Bermuda Triangle of Crimea with 9 Pyramids Were Strange Events Occur | Alternative | Before It's News (

Editor's Note:  That said, what we are watching is one of the greatest last stands in history - like - the 21st century the most pivotal time in human history. The 'Russo-Ukrainian War' after Russia started on conducting a special military operation, and not as the west calls it; 'Russian invasion of Ukraine.' He could have sent in millions of soldiers and ended it in days, but it's more like last standing-spiritual-satanical warfare to bring down the Cabal once and for all with special forces, drones, exotic weaponry and Russia's 'invincible' missiles. Actually with Russia's secret space technology and laser DEW, they could have ended it in hours. What Russia is doing simple means removing any filthy corruption, any of the 40+ deadly bio-labs - that links to Soros, Fauci, Obama and the Nazi regime. Ukraine is also one of Europe’s most notorious sources of human trafficking and has the most extended underground tunnel system, in the world. Russian Special Forces have talked about dirty bombs made by the Ukraine's far-right Azov regiment, near Chernobyl D.U.M.B. and tunnel system, that goes 600 km down to city of Odessa. We've heard of secrets like adrenochrome harvesting and cloning factories. Kerry Cassidy, which I have meet IRL, takes us further down the rabbit hole and talks about the war is used as cover story for alien invasion of Ukraine and Crimea. And inside Devils Mountain and some 9 pyramids, were strange events occur. Which is considered by the Illuminati to be where “the devil lives’. This mountain is considered a center of dark magic etc... | 

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