May 18, 2023

๐ŸŽญ❤️‍๐Ÿฉน(Charlie with a lazy tongue: I've been asked a million times abt Parkes - he will not show up in any show - anymore...) Charlies Ward Show Insiders Club w/ Mahoney ~ May 18, 2023 ~ |

Editors Note: 'He's been told, not to come on the show, Charlie says. And into the 50 minute marker, Charlie repeats that; 'Simon Parkes phone me up and told, he will not come to the show, anymore.' . Mahoney says, rumor has it, Simon Parkes is in California?... SoTW; Was Charlie hit by a Direct Energy Weapon??? And apparently, Mr. Parkes will not be attending the conference in Manchester on the 20th. - neither will Becky. What the heck is going on with Simon Parkes? And why will he not respond properly with a good reason to Charlie and his 120.000 followers? Many have paid a lot of money to attend this conference, flights, hotel, fees etc. (Note: Tickets are transferable but non refundable).. Anyways, i'm confused, some said to me, Mr. Ward, was hindered to join ReAwaken America Tour in Miami. In this show, he talks about Miami, as he was actually there in person?! Perhaps, it's all a "Pantomime", because of Rachel Maddow blasts Trump family for speaking alongside actual Nazis and speaking at events alongside "virulent antisemites." As Lame Stream Media is now calling Charlie Ward, for an "Holocaust denier" and much worse things. Charlie says George Soros died 2 years ago, but the 'actor' is alive. Charlie also talks abt the amount of flights (arrivals and departures) to GITMO, right now, is ridiculous. Charlie talks abt so much more, like Nato/America making money out of war in Ukraine. Prince Harry and Meghan say New York City car chase was relentless. Charlie responded: he's hasn't meet them, he doesn't know them, but everything that comes out of MSM abt Harry/Megan, is a LIE)... |

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