Apr 30, 2023

🌌💡🔋🔌 (Photon, the energy source of the future?) Nyhetsspeilet: NASA confirms meeting with photon belt. What is this electromagnetic cloud? It is called the photon belt and is supposed to have great spiritual significance and influence on human development, according to the author ~ Apr 30, 2023 ~ |

Editor's Note: It's a RAW and Google formatted Norwegian translated version. Highly recommended to read. 'Nyhetsspeilet' is suggested similar to a Danish paper magazine called 'Konspiration.nu' that has stopped to exist (and I have meet the Editor-in-chief, Josef Hanjiseveral times in Freetown Christiania - high on HHC - which is now to be 'forbidden', in Denmark)... "Nyhetsspeilet (which in English translates to "The News Mirror"), founded in 2009, is the biggest and most authoritative source of wacky ideas and woo in the Norwegian language. The content is mainly conspiracy theories, paranormal phenomena, and alternative medicine (sorry, just the stock ones, no new, revolutionary Norwegian ones).".. Very STRANGELY, the founder, Hans Kristian Gaarder, that was a known Norwegian conspiracy theorist and COVID-19 denier, died in 2021, at the age of 60, after being infected with COVID-19... Very WEIRD to SoTW. The million dollar question remains, was he 'eliminated', by the Medical Mafia like the eccentric scientist, inventor and behind the 'gold standard' COVID-19 test, Kary Mullis?... | 

NASA confirms meeting with photon belt – News Mirror (nyhetsspeilet.no)
Nyhetsspeilet - RationalWiki

Photon, the energy source of the future?

What is this electromagnetic cloud? It is called the photon belt and is supposed to have great spiritual significance and influence on human development, according to the author.


Update 21/2-2023. The article was written in 2010. At the bottom, I mention that Photon Energy will be the new energy source of the future and will replace electricity, oil and gas. Now it can become a reality because scientists have developed a new method.
They will use Photoneneri, which they convert into hydrogen. The finding could help us transition from fossil fuels to energy sources that do not contribute to climate change. Source

"The solar system passes through an interstellar cloud that current physicists didn't think existed."

The good news is that we are now returning to this shady of light and will remain in it for about 2160 years.

What is the Photon Belt?

The photon belt was discovered near the Pleiades as early as 1961 using satellite. In the early 80s, it was announced on radio in the United States that our solar system was going to collide with an "electromagnetic cloud" in the not-too-distant future.

Unfortunately, the information that was of great astronomical and historical importance was not paid much attention to, and follow-up data, of course, were suppressed.

What is the electromagnetic cloud?

The cloud is more universally known as the photon belt and is supposed to have great spiritual significance and influence on human development. The photon belt is a vast area of space that emits intense electromagnetic radiation and its energy has been radiating through the holes in the ozone layer in certain regions of our planet since 1987.

Ether = Photon

Everyone knows the four traditional elements earth, air, fire and water. A fifth element has emerged. Ether.

Ether is a medium that permeates space and sends waves of energy in a wide range of frequencies, from mobile phones to human auras.

In quantum mechanics, a photon is an energy quantum of electromagnetic radiation, a "light particle". In a vacuum, photons always move at a constant speed equal to the speed of light. The name comes from the Greek phos, "light".

Carlos Barrios is a well-known historian, anthropologist and Mayan priest. He believes the epoch of the coming sun would make us aware of a much overlooked element of existence. What is "ethereal" is related to regions beyond Earth – the heavens.

"In the context of ether, polarities can be reconciled. No longer darkness or light in men, but an uplifted union. But right now, the kingdom of darkness isn't interested in this. They are organized and block it. They try to create an imbalance on earth to prevent us from being ready for the events ahead. We must work together for peace and balance with the other side. We must take care of the earth that provides us with food and shelter. "

A new age is underway

Mayan calendars' descriptions of time, seasons, and cycles have proven to be both comprehensive and sophisticated. The calendar that has attracted the most attention is the so-called Tzolk'in, which is based on the Pleiade cycle. The fifth Sun is Alcyone, which is the brightest star in the Pleiades star cluster.

The photon belt acts as a regulator of galactic change, the frequency band coordinating its movements according to the galactic nucleus that releases energy that varies in intensity and scattering pattern and affects every part of the galaxy in a certain way.

Imagine a photon belt as a cloud shaped like a doughnut. The Earth orbits the sun, one round takes one year. The solar system again has its orbit around Alcyone. It takes 25,920 years and is called an astrological big year. (2160 years x 12 zodiac signs). We pass through the donut twice during such a cycle.

DNA fog found in the Milky Way.

The reality is far more extensive than what we are able to see. The human eye perceives only a limited portion of the light spectrum. In reality, there exist a series of parallel realities that are full of life.

The oscillation field of the Earth has for many years not allowed us to develop such a type of life/consciousness. As we move into the belt and are influenced by new frequencies, our awareness increases. We are more easily able to internalize and process new data (ideas, attitudes and properties) that did not exist in us before. When your intention is to evolve, you master accepting new information, you increase your personal frequency.

Everyone who is here will eventually understand that we are part of and active co-creators of a vast organism of consciousness. It doesn't happen simultaneously with everyone, but – when enough people see through the illusion, it's time to master new vibration levels.

More and more people want to become psychics.

Not enough hours in the day?

No time to do everything you plan? As the frequency increases, time also goes faster and faster. Why is this?

We can compare it to a child's world, and in children's world, time slows down because children don't have to process as much data as us adults. Adults become more saturated with info/data that needs to be processed.

It is the subconscious mind that manifests the reality we see. The speed of the process of transferring data between the conscious and subconscious minds is faster and faster, therefore time also passes faster. 24 hours doesn't feel like 24 hours anymore and therefore people feel stressed and pressured and inadequate.

Metaphysically, one could say that the photon belt is designed to do just that, squeeze the misery out of us. Pent-up and negative energy that humans have stored throughout the ages.

More and more people are asking themselves what life is really about and have trouble functioning on the old way of life. Had we gained a greater understanding of the photon belt and photon energy and the journey we are on, we could have breathed a sigh of relief.

New consciousness

A new consciousness is emerging. If it had not been a gradual process, the effect would have been the same as if you stuck your finger in an electrical outlet. We would have "short-circuited." The earth (and we) are in the process of gradually restoring an energy grid that vibrates at a frequency that allows humans to activate a higher consciousness. Emotionally, it feels like a ride on the roller coaster to stand in the grading. The changes are part of our development process and a lot of healing will happen both personally and collectively in the future.

Photon energy: The new free energy source of the future

This energy will affect all life on Earth for the next 2160 years. (The Golden Age) and the influence of energy is steadily increasing in intensity.

  • Photon energy is an energy resource we will benefit greatly from in the future.
  • The photon energy is all around us already and can be used. Just because we can't see it doesn't mean it's not there.
  • Photon energy will replace electricity, oil and gas.
  • Photon energy is a free energy, and no one can monopolize it. Therefore, it cannot be exploited.
  • Photon energy vibrates at a high frequency, and if you are to take part in this joyful energy, it must be allowed to work through you by vibrating at the right frequency.

DNA, fear and "low-frequency" emotions

It's all vibration. Every thought, feeling, and word is vibrational. Our heartbeat is a vibration and our emotions are vibrational. The changes that occur can evoke fear that is also a vibration.

TV can be used for so many things

Given the enormous changes we are undergoing it is easy to feel helpless, angry, frustrated, discouraged, lost and depressed. To feel safe, you must also have a spiritual understanding of life. It creates trust and provides a strong and more balanced foundation.

Fear destroys the imagination and numbs the body. Identify destructive thoughts and change them. If you are able to recognize and break out of fear, you can instead spend energy on creating frequencies that strengthen you.

"Those who go to earth are heroes and heroines, because you are doing something that no other spiritual beings have the courage to do."

Update 2.12.2014. Using data from Voyager, NASA has detected a strong magnetic field just outside the solar system. Source. NASA has discovered what appears to be a new electromagnetic geometric force field/shield around the Earth (72,000 miles above us). Article Source.

Authored by: Åse Kari Steinsland 23.05.2010, updated 02.12.2014, 28.01.2020, 21.2.2023.


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