Apr 3, 2023

🏳️‍⚧️🐐 (Holy shit-show!: It's a Trendy-Trans-Gender world) I'm not gonna sugarcoat it: Is 'King' Charles... gay? The Swedish King in women's Clothes Causing a stir. King Gustaf V. Haijby Bisexual, Prince Henrik was rumored Gay and Queen-Daisy rumored Lesbian. The Royals-Repto Trannies & Cabal Agenda ~ Apr 3, 2023 ~ |


Editor's Note: O-M-G!... THATS IMPOSSIBLE!... Was TBJ 100% correct about Denmark-Daisy? ... I'm getting sick!... My head is spinning like a screw!... I recall, that Kent Dunn told us, that JFK (was) once female and XtremeRealityCheck, says, Lady Di (was) once male (trans)... Obama called Michelle for "Michael"(transgender) + President Reagan called Princess Diana, for "David" (Elton Johns boy-toy David Furnish). Look, it's gonna be veeery hard to swallow the red pill on this one - I know. Jennifer Aniston (rumored to be a 'man') and has remained an A-list actor for decades. Michelle Obama (110% trans) named most admired woman for third straight year (called Big Mike or Michael). There's NOTHING wrong being straight, gay or 'trans'-gender, however, these ppl worship Satanism and Baphomet Cult and lies abt they've sex-changes and actually 'trans' and 'pretenders or cock teasers.' (sry for the expression)... |  

The Swedish King in women's clothes is causing a stir - MySoCalledGayLife.co.uk
(Khazarian-bloodline aristocratic illuminati families of Europe - satanic cult in 1969 and 1972?)
 Your guess is as good as mine... |

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