Apr 12, 2023

πŸ’ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ’• ('Christ light/consciousness is infinite and eternal. A higher intelligence field which makes us incredibly powerful and unstoppable.') Teri Wade: The Return of Christ ~ Apr 12. 2023 (SoTW; I looove Teri, followed her for years on FB. As my DK holistic ND says to me; 'a short and clear definition of society's dilemma.') ~ |

Many spiritual texts, many religious texts have spoken about the return of Christ. We are in the time of this occurring but not in the context that many people understand. The church who I call the Great Liar true ambition is to control the human psyche through fear while completely manipulating its true meaning. The “Christ” is not a single human being as humanity has been told through organized religious interpretation. Meaning, Christ or a man named Jesus is one person and upon his return humanity will be saved.

But, in actuality Christ consciousness is an intelligence field and is a layer in our spiritual evolutionary development. This layer of spiritual development is something humanity has never experienced before in this density.

We have never experienced this frequency of light in this 3D existence. This dark arconic element that has been controlling this reality for thousands of years and has been doing everything in their power to keep this frequency from penetrating this planet. This is how they’ve been continuing their particular agenda, this particular timeline.

This current negative alien agenda is brilliant at creating realities but creating dead realities. But, these realities need to be powered by some sort of source light meaning soul bodies, the human being has been used to power this dead end timeline. They have created a parasitic relationship here on planet Earth. Christ light is not vampiric, it is not parasitic. What has happened on planet Earth is we have been in a finite energetic supply where we live within incredible restriction and limitations. This Christ light/consciousness is infinite and eternal. In the past this dark arconic element has been able to manipulate the dense energies in this lower reality but this higher frequency, this Christ light is not able to be manipulated in other words it cannot be hacked.

Christ consciousness has now entered Earth and is going to end that parasitic relationship that humanity has unknowingly been participating in. Meaning, this vampiric relationship is coming to an end. The unconscious human beings, who I call the resistors, are unknowingly propagating this vampiric relationship by not understanding what they’re feeding.

While humanity embodies this higher frequency of Christ consciousness we become more inner sustained. We don’t feel the need to manipulate or serve the outer world anymore and this is exactly what the negative alien agenda wants. This is called energy harvesting and the unconscious aka the resistors are oblivious to it and unknowingly feeding this parasitic virus. But, to their defense they truly don’t realize it exists.

What it comes down to is if you don’t know how to connect to that higher energetic source somebody else will and that’s exactly what has happened on planet Earth and that is exactly why this information has been suppressed. When the human being starts to realize their right to rightful owner, that we are multidimensional and we have spiritual bodies that we can access, this dark element and it’s reign is over. This dark element has interfered and violated the human life form. They have taken the human beings right to connect to its source and this cannot continue. This is why we are getting an incredible amount of help from the higher realms. Yes, we have free will but it is null and void due to the incredible interference and manipulation humans have endured on many levels and it’s time the manipulation expired.

We are going through a reeducation, a rehabilitation we are seeing through the false light and that is no coincidence. These low vibrational structures we are currently seeing fall away is no coincidence. Meaning, these low vibrational structures are no longer sustainable on their own without humanity feeding it. We have the power, we have always had the power. We are starting to tap in to this Christ consciousness, this higher intelligence field which makes us incredibly powerful and unstoppable.

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