Mar 12, 2023

🙏 ~ 💝 (SVB: BLACK MONDAY FOLLOWING BLACK FRIDAY?) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ Mar 12, 2023 ~ |

Editor's Note: Do not allow analysis paralysis, to overtake you... The gifts of the Universe and its abundance are endless. When you take a moment to be thankful for all you have, the cosmos will continue to provide for you... I can say for sure, we're seeing the largest bank run, in history. If not Friday, expect massive bank runs starting Monday. The fake Biden regime controlled by White / Grey / Alliance Hats in America, will not "go down alone." The shit has hit the fan and British and European people will be lined up outside the bank's waiting to go in and get their hands on their money, sooner than later! I’m afraid there is no money a.k.a. cash. What banks has, is, "digital account" money, and 95% of the money supply (only 5% cash exist), is created by the PRIVATELY OWNED banks when they make loans. So when total lending increases, the money supply increases. When the borrower pays back, the total amount of money decreases - in my humble opinion... | 

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