Feb 8, 2023

👩‍🚀🚀🌌 (SSP whistleblower Jean-charles Moyen, Dan Winter, "Natasha", Kevin Luengo etc. Reference to Dr. Michael Salla and Tony Rodrigues etc.) REVELATIONS OF A STARSEED 2 The unique SHOCK documentary !!!!(English-Version Dubbed) ~ Feb 8, 2023 ~ |

Editors' Note:  I Have a Dream or let's say - I HAD a dream last night! It was so real to me like daytime! I was together with Billy Carson and he showed me lots of different types of physically new gold foil banknotes from around the world after the financial crash started and QFS/G-NESARA begins! (I hate he's showing us symbolism - but I do not know if he's controlled opposing). Anyways, on another note, a "council" of ppl told me in the dream, what I do and what say on SoTW get's many upset! I understand that! I just think I lost a small group in my town belonging to the same intl. spiritual organization, because who I AM! So be it! Yes I'm a sensitive-soul and get sad losing friends, but I AM TRUTH - my truth! It doesn't mean it's your truth! Apparently, i'm not everyone's cup of tea - of course not and I respect that! My last polish girlfriend told me I had a devilish blog, speaking and going against the freemasonic system showing my readers, illuminati symbolism! And she herself alone, can save the world, because she came out as newly-wed Danish teacher with clairaudient abilities. But I saw through her with so many unsolved traumatic problems, she refuse to fix, but could save others, but not herself. Well, I understand I get many ppl upset - I do! But I rather be Service-to-Others, than Service-to-Self and just plainly tell the truth! Spiritual websites sometimes forget, the positive sunbeam stories will not always take you HOME. The imaginable place, where we all sit around the campfires singing "Kumbaya my Lord" smoking hash tobacco and blessing each other's bad self-esteem and traumas, forgetting OUR REALITY, is not always, what takes us all home to God / Source... | 

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