Feb 12, 2023

πŸ›ΈπŸ’¨πŸ™ƒπŸ”« (U.S. Shoots Down a Fourth Flying Object. China on high alert) Flying ‘Octagon’ UFO fever GRIPS Washington. US Senator Jack Bergman CONFIRMS object SHOT DOWN above Lake Huron ~ Feb 12, 2023 (SoTW; Bloomberg News claims China is getting ready to take down an unidentified object flying over waters near the port city of Qingdao, which is home to a major naval base for the People’s Liberation Army, Chinese news outlet The Paper reported... According to Dr. Rosin, von Braun then gave her one supreme assignment: He said a secretive trans-national power, already in existence, would move to permanently take control of this planet thru a hoaxed alien invasion from outer space... Notice the areas in which they are “shooting down” the supposed UFOs… all of these areas are vortex/portal areas: Montana (Yellowstone portal) Michigan (Great Lakes portal), Alaska (tons of portals). Now the Super Bowl is being held in Glendale, AZ about 2 hours from the massive Sedona vortex….) ~ |

Alien Invasion Hoax or Ashtar Command Playbook? OMG what's that over Texas skies? 

Playbook: UFO fever grips Washington - POLITICO
China-US-Canada Flying Unidentified Object News - Bloomberg
US military 'decommissions' unidentified flying object over Great Lakes region | Fox News

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