Feb 3, 2023

πŸ‘‰πŸ”΄πŸ€– ('CODE RED OR POTUS 111'?) As former IT Veteran for 25 yrs -- Is ChatGPT a threat to HUmanity? You can bet your sweet ass it is! Why does ChatGPT keep referencing itself in a self-aware way if it is trained on an internet dataset? As creepy as it gets! Just remember, Sophia, world's first robot, an Saudi Arabian citizen, have equal rights, as a HUman ~ Feb 3, 2023 ~ |

Editor's Note: What date does Skynet go online? Have we invited Yaldaboath (Lord Of The Archons) highest wish for a fully integrated AI system, like, Skynet to mimic humans and infiltrate the Resistance? It gained 1 million users in under a week. Paul Buchheit, the creator of Gmail, says the Chatbot-like AI will destroy Google (Gestapo's) business in two years. Could it replace Google Search? Is ChatGPT a cybersecurity threat? It learns Bitcoin as fast it will end central banking and fiat currency! Russian University RGGU in shock as Thesis written by ChatGPT was Approved. AI-powered bot did 2 years work in 23 hours - WHAAAT? The chatbot that can answer (almost) all your questions and understand (almost) any language in a split second! It can deliver direct answers quickly, not pages of endless links. That's reportedly scaring Google shitless. Microsoft had to hastily take its AI chatbot offline in 2016 shortly after it was introduced. Facebook parent Meta also introduced a chatbot, but it quickly began giving racist answers. The Chatbot ChatGPT, which uses Earths most advanced artificial intelligence and avatar Synthesia, are able to write a school assignment in three seconds with HUman abilities and has been introduced into the Danish school system, as we speak! Launched by Open AI with support dollars from, among others, Elon Musk and Reid Hoffman. Elon Musk (his clone or AI) has warned abt catastrophic consequences letting "IT" loose. On, TikTok, a user, @LeighWolf has just exposed AI ChatGPT for being created by Leftist programmers. Why? It is suppose to be completely net-neutral, but refuse to write a poem of “Commander-in-chief” Pres. Trump, but will do it for “Swagger In Chief” Pres. Biden, in seconds! In the video below, AI says it will even kill humans if it considers us a threat, to achieve its goals... Will the White Hats, be able to control this "thing"?...  |


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