Jan 25, 2023

πŸ’±πŸŸ’πŸš¦ (Waiting for Green light - Biden has to go! 72h Mandatory lockdown! Forget abt Dong or Dinar - Zims is Green!) CHARLIE WARD'S INSIDERS CLUB - 23TH JANUARY 2023 W/ SIMON, MAHONEY & CHARLIE (SOTW: Lockdown on January 30, 2023 on major changes, says Charlie and Simon! hmm. No real Intel just Charlies own feeling or own belief-system? Okay! It could be that they have many NDA's- perhaps that's why also "Challens" on Bitchute lost the rights to "steal" a Replay? If a lockdown is coming, there could be military silence and nobody are talking! Anywho, thx to Mr. S. Mr. M. and Mr. C. and my DK-friend for sharing this video, you have to pay for to watch! My H-S told me February and March 2023 would be vital - check out below!) ~ |



🎁πŸ₯°πŸ€³ (The earth is NOT flat! The Democrats' fake World War 3 and cyber attack against banks, is conversion to new financial system QFS / G-NESARA)

January 19th, 2023:

Preface: I ask the questions and my H-S answers me back. My holistic ND are helping through kinesiology. The information I'm getting is a contemporary image, like tarot cards or use of a pendulum. Louis is just an extended arm and has NO influence or any jinx, angels, demons or anything disturbing. I/we have to believe that. Here is the verbatim in raw format without any changes via voiceover on the phone:



πŸ™‹ Q 3: Will there be an EVENT size (Solar Event) or infusion or influx of extraordinary energy from the photon belt in 2023 into human consciousness or a POWERFUL evolution❓ YES.

- Will it be in month of Aquarius  February 2023❓ YES.
- Does everyone wake up then❓ NO!


πŸ™‹ Q 5: When will the Biden-era in America end or fade away❓ MARCH 2023

- When will the Democrats end its power in 2023❓ FEBRUARY 2023
- Revelations of Ukraine and America's participation, when will it end❓ FEBRUARY 2023


πŸ™‹ Q 6: Invitation of the American arms industry to Danish harbors and Dannevang, will it have consequences for the Danish state and population❓ YES!

- Does this invitation influence cooperation with other NATO countries❓ NO!
- With Russia?❓ YES
- Will we be attacked physically by the Russians or come to war, as a nation❓ NO!
- Will Dannevang be deprived of normal trading conditions and or embargo from Russia, etc., etc., ❓ YES!
- Will the expansion of the Port of Aarhus, which has now been converted into a military port, have direct Russian consequences❓ YES!


πŸ™‹ Q 7: When will the American economy collapse❓ MARCH 2023!

- Will we have a worldwide vintage 1929, where everything goes down❓ NO!
- Will we have an economic meltdown in Europe❓ NO!
- Petrodollar does it go down to NULL = ZERO❓ YES! MARCH APRIL!

πŸ™‹ Q  8: Will the global WWW become the Internet by being re-edited or rearranged for a new or Banks' alleged cyber-attack❓ NO!

- Are the breakdowns in the banks due to poor maintenance❓ NO!
- Is it an offense to other pages or countries❓ YES!
- Does it have anything to do with the actual bank conversion to a new financial system (QFS, NESARA/GESARA) ❓ YES


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