Jan 1, 2023

🌎✌️📅 (People of Earth's Spiritual Warfare!) Most EU leaders 2023 speeches Back-Black Hat CIA controlled Gay Lord Voldemort Zelenskyy and the White Hat controlled-cloned Putin promises victory in New Year speeches! ~ Jan 1, 2023 (SOTW; Donald Trump is a wild card and will never return in the form as President. He'd fulfilled his Soul Contract? 'Crazy Nancy' has left the Building! Next up is Joe-the-Moe and his crackpot Son, Hunter! Pedo-Pope is one of five Unholy to leave office! Israel, is for last! Kabbalah-Cabal has no hall pass but still engaging in fooling around activities with a famous person, Satan, who do not exist, anymore! Somehow they still have some form of "control" on the surface of Earth, through Lame Stream Media and masonic enabled EU leaders and they're still alive and kicking! Some, in form of clones, doppelgangers or CGI of course! I told you no matter what you hear on the jungle telegraph what's gonna transpire behind the scenes, we're not out of the woods yet, but are wining! Deny it all you want. I can't figure out the meaning of 2023 just yet, buuutt many digital soldiers, truthers, insiders, whistleblowers and ppl who channel says; before April of 2023, a Black Swan Event is going to shake our foundations! Soon, "Putin", on conducting a special military operation in the Russo-Ukrainian War, will end. Nazi-NATO / CIA / Ukrainians mercenary army, money and armes, cannot stop Russia from wining by Beaten-Biden and Cabal! That is wishful thinking. And we all know ppl, me included, that can fall into a scarcity mindset from time to time, longing for what we lack, for the things we have lost or shall never find. It might be our courage and service-to-others thinking-hat, not service-to-self! I can't watch this "shitsshow" anymore!) ~ |


Staying alive

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 Fake Zelensky latest hit! - Russians shot my Bayraktar

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