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卐 πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ (Operation Paperclip: The Nazis didn't loose... they moved to North and South America) The Nazi-NASA Connection And Trillions Of Missing Dollars: Ultra-Secret Projects, Exotic Technologies, Mars And The Secret Space Program ~ Jan 28, 2023 (SoTW; Were "operation paperclip", America’s Secret Program that employed 1,600 Nazi scientists in its labs before Russia got a hold of them? Trump BLAST Biden over tanks to Ukraine and warns of NUCLEAR WAR. The Russian's concern for Nazis in Ukraine is very very very real! It can be traced all the way back to when the Ukrainian Nationalist Movement post-WWII was bought and paid for by the Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”). Just a reminder, that Ukraine, is a cabal headquarters for all kinds of nefarious activity. I could be dead wrong, but isn't the 3 actors playing Joe-the-Moe GQ makeover: “Swagger In Chief” a white hat controlled asset?) ~ |


Operation Paperclip And The U.S. Plot To Poach Nazi Scientists (allthatsinteresting.com)

Donald Trump warns of NUCLEAR WAR as Joe Biden sends 31 tanks to Ukraine - Mirror Online

The Ukrainian Nationalist Movement is bought and paid for by the CIA (newstarget.com)

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ]Rick Meisinger⭐⭐⭐[ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ on Gettr: Just a reminder that Ukraine is a cabal headquarters for all kinds of nefarious activity. It is difficult to know ...

January 22, 2018

NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, has always been one of the few government agencies that most people trust and admire.

Who cannot be inspired by steely-eyed astronauts risking death in the harsh vacuum of space? Were we not all thrilled by the Moon landings, when, for the first time in modern history (so far as we know) men from Earth, and from our own country, set foot on another world? And the NASA/JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) unmanned missions to the planets, moons, comets, and asteroids of our Solar System have been an awesome achievement.

We have landed our unmanned spacecraft on the Moon, Mars, Venus, Titan, and several asteroids and comets. Clear color pictures actually taken on the surface of Mars continue to excite those of us with an interest in space exploration. But there is a dark side to NASA, a reason why critics joke that its acronym really means “Never A Straight Answer.” 

And there is even some evidence that there may be a secret space program, perhaps not even controlled by NASA, possibly using technologies far beyond chemically fueled rockets. 

NASA was created by President Eisenhower in 1958, replacing the NACA (National Advisory Council for Aeronautics). It was given control of JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), a quasi-governmental agency operated by California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech). From the beginning, German rocket scientists, brought into this country under Operation Paperclip at the end of WWII, played a major role in America’s space program, including in NASA, and some of these people were not as innocent as they have been portrayed. Wernher von Braun did in fact join the Nazi Party in 1937 and the SS in 1940. Kurt Debus, who played a major role in the Apollo program, was also in the Nazi Party and the SS, and all the German scientists had made use of slave labor performed by starving, brutally treated concentration camp inmates.


There is also a mysterious, mystical side to NASA; many administrators and astronauts have been high level Freemasons. In the early years US rocketry experiments were based mostly at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, within less than a degree of the thirty third parallel. The number 33 is important to Masons, perhaps because most human spines contain 33 vertebrae and Masons believe that a mysterious spiritual energy (sometimes called “kundalini”) rises up from the base of the spine to the skull, at which point an individual achieves spiritual enlightenment.

Incredibly, at White Sands there is only one launch pad…launch pad 33. As for JPL, analogous to the Federal Reserve, it is neither fish nor fowl, not exactly a government agency, nor entirely a part of Cal Tech, nor a completely independent private corporation. This situation reeks of crony capitalism and invites abuse, financial and otherwise. JPL was cofounded by American rocket designer Jack Parsons (it is sometimes called “Jack Parsons’ Laboratory”), who was an occultist, arguably a Satanist, and a member of the sinister OTO (Order of the Temple of the Orient), whose leader was the depraved British magician Aleister Crowley, who referred to himself as the “Great Beast.” As a side note, Holloman Air Force Base, which figures heavily in UFO lore, is also within a degree of the thirty third parallel, as is Trinity Site, where the first atomic bomb was detonated. And the Roswell UFO crash site is also on the thirty third parallel.

From the beginning, NASA astronauts have reported seeing UFOs in space. The usual official explanation is that these are merely flecks of paint and ice crystals dislodged from our spacecraft, and merely appearing to be large and distant. Some of these, however, change direction as they move; NASA “explains” this by saying that they were deflected by the blasts from attitude thrusters on the spacecraft. But these are called attitude thrusters for a reason; they are small rockets designed to turn the craft around all three axes. In accordance with the inexorable laws of physics, if they are fired the craft will turn, and the Earth and/or stars in the background will appear to move in the opposite direction.

But in video after video the mysterious objects change direction but the background does not shift. This means that the thrusters were not fired, and the UFOs are self-propelled. In one famous video which has appeared on television and on U-Tube and has never been disavowed by NASA, an object is seen moving; then there is a flash of light from the Earth’s surface, and the object instantly shoots backward, and what looks like a blob of light shoots up at incredible speed from the surface of the Earth, narrowly missing the object. Is someone on Earth firing particle beam weapons (which we supposedly have not developed) at UFOs? The implications of this are staggering, especially now that our government has officially announced that UFOs are real.

As Apollo 11 (one third of 33) neared the Moon for the first manned landing, the crew radioed Houston, asking about the location of the rocket stage that had separated from their craft some time ago, and which they knew perfectly well was thousands of miles behind them. Conspiracy-oriented citizens suspected at the time that the astronauts had actually seen a UFO, and, years later, NASA confirmed this, even showing a video of the object…but the video was actually made on a later Apollo mission, indicating that this happened on two or more occasions. In addition, several Apollo missions reported mysterious objects flying near the Moon, and even released videos; the astronauts called these “Moon pigeons,” and, of course, NASA trotted out their usual paint fleck and ice chip “explanation.”

In addition, NASA and JPL have released photographs showing anomalous structures on both Mars and our Moon. On Mars there is the famous “face,” plus several other structures that at least look like carvings of human faces. Near the Cydonia “face” there are structures that resemble pyramids, a huge triangular enclosure, a dome, and a straight wall. Elsewhere there is the rectilinear “Inca City,” huge translucent tubes which are partly underground, objects that look like trees, and three towers in a line, each several thousand feet high, among other things.

Then there is a pattern of evidence I have written about for other publications, indicating that NASA/JPL may have lied to us about the density of the Martian atmosphere. An apparent UFO was photographed by one Mars lander, and one photographed some “rocks” that resemble fossils, and the Soviet probe Phobos Two sent back an image of a huge cylindrical object in space near the Martian moon Phobos, and the miles-long shadow of it on the Martian surface….following which all contact with the spacecraft was lost. On the Moon there are a variety of anomalies, including two towers, thousands of feet high (one is almost seven miles tall). There is no known or theoretically possible combination of natural forces that could create such structures; they are artificial…period. Someone has been on the Moon and Mars, and, apparently, they are still there.

And there are serious problems with some of the pictures allegedly taken by Apollo astronauts on the Lunar surface, prompting some critics to claim that the entire program was faked and we never went to the Moon. I wouldn’t go that far, but the pictures have never been explained away. One famous picture shows “Buzz” Aldrin standing on a brightly lit area on the (alleged) Lunar surface, with the ground at a distance all around him getting darker and darker as the distance from him increases…this with the Sun high in the airless, cloudless sky.


Some show shadows on the Lunar surface diverging at large angles, as though caused by two separate light sources (as in a studio). NASA “explained” this initially by saying that uneven ground caused the apparent divergence…but the terrain was obviously almost completely flat. They then changed their story, saying it was all an illusion caused by the use of wide-angle lenses, but the diverging angles don’t match the angles that would produce. The most innocent explanation would be that many pictures, taken by astronauts in cumbersome pressure suits with heavy gloves, didn’t turn out well, so they were recreated in a studio on Earth for PR reasons. Or did many otherwise excellent pictures include anomalies NASA doesn’t want us to see?

There is some evidence that NASA officials, probably including one or more of the Nazis, may have committed mind-boggling crimes. Gus Grissom, one of the original Mercury Seven astronauts, was a thorn in NASA’s side, always criticizing their procedures, especially those relating to safety. When he landed in the ocean after a suborbital mission the hatch mysteriously blew off his capsule, and he nearly drowned. Grissom, along with Ed White and Robert Chaffee, was inside Apollo One for its launch pad tests (no flight was planned) when a fire broke out and all three men died. The capsule’s atmosphere was pure oxygen at sea level pressure and the inside was a maze of exposed wires and flammable materials, a perfect miracle of bad design. It seems unbelievable that it could have been deliberate…but it is all hard to explain.

On 2/25/96 astronauts orbiting in the space shuttle did the tethered satellite experiment, extending a 12.5 mile electrical cable with a weight at the end, supposedly to act like an electric generator as the shuttle sped through Earth’s vast but diffuse magnetic field. This makes no sense, for NASA never explained why they might need more power, and, if they did, they could have added more fuel cells or used solar panels. To get electrical energy out of a generator it is necessary to put kinetic energy in… the energy of the orbiting shuttle. This means that when the current was turned on there would be drag, causing the shuttle to slow down and fall out of orbit. But that’s exactly what the astronauts want, at the end of a mission.

And the laws of physics dictate that if electricity (from solar cells) was put into the circuit, it would react with Earth’s magnetic field and slowly accelerate the spacecraft, meaning that the shuttle or a custom-designed craft could rise into higher orbits or even achieve escape velocity and cruise about the inner Solar System, now reacting against the Sun’s magnetic field. In other words, NASA was testing an exotic propulsion system…and lying about it. I pointed this out in my one and only book in 2001, and, in 2005, Discover magazine and Scientific American ran articles describing such a system, confirming what I had said. But why did NASA lie? And why did they not pursue this promising technology further…unless they had developed something even better, something that is still a secret?


We have known for decades that the human body deteriorates dangerously in the micro gravity of Earth orbit, and no combination of diet, supplements, and exercise has been found that can do more than slow the process. Yet for years NASA officials have talked about future missions to Mars lasting up to a year or two…it is unlikely that any of the astronauts would even survive this. Early space flight enthusiasts wrote of space stations slowly rotating to produce spin-induced gravity. Yet NASA has never even tested spin-induced gravity, although this could have been done with two spacecraft, at least one of them manned, on a long tether.

It is true that rendezvous and docking with a spinning space station would be difficult and dangerous, but NASA has overcome greater technical hurdles, and the life of the astronauts is at stake. In addition, NASA talks of Lunar and Martian bases, but no one knows what the effects of one sixth Earth’s gravity (on the Moon) or one third, as on Mars, would be. Perhaps astronauts would thrive in low gravity, and the rotating, tethered space craft could have tested it. But this was never done. So has NASA been lying all along about future plans, or do they have exotic technologies which they are hiding from us? As to future manned missions, why was Apollo 17 our last manned Lunar mission, when three more had been planned and the Saturn Five rockets were available? Were we warned by someone (or something) to stay off the Moon?

All of this has stimulated discussions about a “secret space program” using exotic technologies. A man in the UK, Gary McKinnon, hacked into US Space Command computers and claimed that he saw references to “Solar Warden,” “non-terrestrial officers,” and “fleet to fleet transfer.” Hard proof is lacking, but, in 1993, about two years before his death, Ben Rich, head of Lockheed’s “Skunk Works” design bureau, claimed that we have exotic but secret technologies that can make even interstellar flight possible. He said this in a speech at UCLA, and, in addition, several of his friends claim that he had told them the same thing. Was he joking (unlikely, given his sterling reputation)? Is he an agent of government disinformation? Or is “our” government really keeping amazing technologies secret from us? But that question is a whole other story.

In the only video below, videographer Destroying the Illusion talks with us about ultra-secret space programs and trillions of missing dollars as a brief overview to his upcoming podcast titled “Secret Space Program: Disclosing The Technologies Of Tomorrow…..Today”which will be held on January 27th. You can sign up for his podcast here.



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