Jan 26, 2023

🎨🎭🀑 (Mason Color Club 33) Orange, Yellow, Red, P!NK. Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall! Huge Transformation in the Danish Society! Politicians running Scared, Truth about Vaksines will upset Danes to the brink of War! Famous Celebs will come Clean and Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark will get an Divorce or Separation - seen in both the Crystal Ball & in Tarot Cards. Police and Military reveals Horrific stories about Children! ~ Jan 26, 2023 ~ |

Editor's Note: Tarot by Izabela Predictions: 

60% of Politicians running for their lives, for what they have done, just disappear, says Tarot by Izabela. More and more ppl getting ill from the vaksines! Military collaborations! CPH Airport will be closed for 2-3 weeks- only open for Military - I see a  LOT of military movement at Kastrup! Oeresund Bridge will be closed for 'safety reason'. I see a LOT of upset Danish people! Vandalism at hospitals etc. throwing stones and very angry! Arranged fire in Copenhagen near Freetown Christiania. Royals from the Monarchy will try to calm down people, but big scandal with HRH The Crown Prince - Mary will be very upset {as SoTW predicted}. Fishermen will catch a very strange big fish! Danish famous beer or brewery will be closed because their horrible ingredients from small children! {disgusting - like McDonalds food?} Farmers will revolt against the globalist's to cut emissions! Hemp will be allowed and BIG export country! There's a lot of 2022 Nord Stream gas leaks explaining to do and some, will be held accountable! {we know USA is involved}. Transformation for the school system - more for children and not political agenda! Alarms will sound to get ppl inside but no bombs will fall! TV news narrative will change to the real truth!... | 

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