Aug 25, 2022

πŸŒ€ ~ πŸ’— (Preparing For The New Golden Age) MOVING INTO THE AGE OF LOVE - Diana Cooper (Michelle Fielding -Spiritual Coach) πŸ’• ~ | Blogger: SoTW do not believe in Cobra RM predictions of the Dark Age or as SSRF sees, a Golden Age dawning after the year 2025, although they are not directly talking about the Event. And before that, they expect a devastating World War 3 wiping out 50% of the world's population (which I don't see coming). SoTW do not believe it any WWIII or devasting depopulation event and more what Diana Cooper is depicting. What i see on SoTW is a future fully working Golden Age of Tomorrowland (one of the utopian worlds Walt Disney created in the early 1950s). For me, “Tomorrowland”, is NOT dystopia but rather a story of pessimism (his) and optimism (hers), of humankind's end or triumph... I'll spend 1,5 hour on the phone today speaking to my friend about how the heck can we still be in this "movie" and not see the "end". We have to wish for a better ending, than the "DS, Cabal, Illuminati" wanted us to look forward to with heat, drought and floodings. Higher power bills and energy-food-crisis. A housing bubble and the Great Reset. Pumped-up dollar and US $30 Trillion in debt. $500 Trillion debt world wide. Same world leaders ruling. Reptilian "Queen", Pedo-Pope and Obama behind Joe-the Moe, still in power and the world is going down the shitter. Especially, the extreme lies from western media and leaders about Russo-Ukrainian War - the special operatons freeing Russians in Ukraine and destroying of CABAL HQ and their 40+ bioweapon facilities. Hence, the returning of the gold standard that was stopped by President Richard Nixon in 1971 in which, goldbacked Russian ruble and nations behind BRICs. We are talking about eliminating Soros, Schallenberg (Habsburg Black Nobility) with the 13 bloodlines illuminati families controlling the Cabal. THESE FAMILIES ARE: Rothschild (Bauer or Bower), Bruce Cavendish (Kennedy), De Medici Hanover, Hapsburg, Krupp, Plantagenet, Rockefeller, Romanov, Sinclair (St. Clair), Warburg (del Banco), Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)... |


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