Jul 7, 2022

👟🟪🚴‍♂️🏴‍☠️👳 ~ ('SHOES are symbol of DEAD - used as a GLOBAL Fear-Trigger our Subconscious. BS. BS and BS.') Ole LIVE: Falseflags in Oslo &Copenhagen (Ole Dammegård) ~ | Blogger: [👉Tour de France riders praise ‘unbelievable’ fan support at Danish grand départ and remember victims of Copenhagen shooting before stage 4👈] ... I have meet Ole several times and he discuss all the latest "shootings" around the world... At the 42 minute marker Ole will go into more details about Denmark and "2022 Copenhagen mall shooting"... FF-ops controlled by NATO Operation Gladio, Crisis-Actors and Crowds-On-Demand (Global-Tour-Of-Terror)... (this is made from what says Ole and SoTW) - 2011 Norway attacks (involved Haakon WEF + Jens Stoltenberg Bilderberger + more). 2017 Westminster attack (Two knives + Bridge cycle lane for terrorist attack). 2022 Kazakh unrest (Pyramid, Palace of Peace and Reconciliation). 2022 Oslo shootings Muslim terror (pride colors). Russo-Ukrainian War (yellow and blue colors). Robb Elementary School shooting (green shoes). 2022 Copenhagen mall shooting (magenta shoes). Joe Biden falls off bike while cycling in Delaware (Bicycles). 2022 Berlin car attack (France made cars). etc. etc... 2022 Copenhagen mall shooting - there's no photos of anything inside Fields, says Ole (like SoTW). Ole talks about "Steen & Strøm" Scandinavian retail and real estate company at Fields (owns supermarkets etc.), who is connected conducted businesses with a guy called "Olav Thon" Norwegian real estate developer and listed in the Forbes list of billionaires. Olav is again connected to some of the shootings and attacks in Norway. SoTW has also mention this in a earlier report (French Klépierre, who through Steen & Strøm owns Field's in Ørestad and Bruun's Gallery in Aarhus)... PS: Copy this quickly since G-blogger has already taken blog-posts offline today and yesterday, at verdensalt.dk (SoTW).. |

'Det er ikke ægte, du er ikke ægte, det er en drøm' – Ekstra Bladet
Tour de France to remember victims of Copenhagen shooting before stage 4 | Cyclingnews
Tour de France riders praise 'unbelievable' fan support at Danish grand départ - VeloNews.com


Ole LIVE: Falseflags in Oslo & Copenhagen - Ole Dammegard - Truth Seeker, Code Breaker - Peacemaker (lightonconspiracies.com)

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