Feb 16, 2022

πŸ’ŒπŸ₯°πŸ€³ ~ (ARE we still a GO? April - release the DEADTH-CODES that's all we have to do!) APRIL WILL BE HUGE - Hold on Tight! ( Alexander Quinn - Starseed + SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Is April still a GO? We are still viewed as an effing hostile planet - why? Here is a 15 min. excerpt until the end of a very substantial talk with LINDA GOOD McGILLES and Alex Quinn... As you know, there's NOT gonna be a US / NATO / EU / Russia China / Ukraine-war or whatever the (Cabal, DS, Shadowgovt) are pushing, after The Digital COVID-AI PlanDemic is over!.. Putin calmly declared Mondays troop exercises over and ordered units back to barracks (says Simon Parkes)... Below my own Higher Self predications made in January (blogpost in Danish and English - click the lnk)... In the meantime, get yourselves a immunity "BOOSTER"-shot with cinnamon added for a more pleasant taste (I personally use organic lemons and ginger in my Tea)... PS: ZEROHEDGE is out in dire warning, that on top of the rival troop build-up between Russia and US-NATO forces in Eastern Europe over Ukraine, both sides are set to hold massive rival war drills further south in the Mediterranean and Middle East areas (what's that all about)... |

How is the world situation right now and my higher self want to share with my "awareness" the next many months ahead that become landmark for our 3-D Matrix 'Illusion' asked by and through my natural doctor and by kinesiology? 

English translate from Danish from my higher self and my 50 years experienced holistic ND

πŸ™‹ Is there more subsequent "viruses" being thrown out among the population to scare them?

     - NO. 

πŸ™‹ In other words, is the "Corona" and its variants, the LAST Man-Made "virus" and LAST  part of the Dark Ones? "

    - YES! And will there be some new "viruses"? - NO 

πŸ™‹When will everything be abolished in Denmark with regards to restrictions etc.? 

    - April, my higher self said 

πŸ™‹ Are there any Danes who will be accused of fraud or corruption in connection with Corona? 

    - YES! 

πŸ™‹ When will it be revealed to the population that, "The Corona" was created for, depopulation or reduction of humanity? 

    - June 2022 

πŸ™‹ When will something positive come out about our "UFO friends"? 

    - April 

πŸ™‹ London Bridge Down: When will the revelation of the Queen and various other criminal things take place in England? 

    -  June 2022, says my higher self. 

πŸ™‹ Will there be any major upheavals or extreme weather in the next 2-3 months? 

    - NO 

πŸ™‹ When will Joe Biden be overthrown? 

    - April 

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