Dec 29, 2022

🙋🎖️💖 ('The Pelosi Code-New Pandemic-Twitter Millionaires-Martial law-Stock market crash-Housing crash-Inflation.') UTSAVA: PELOSI CODE,TWITTER MILLIONAIRES, NEW PANDEMIC,MARTIAL LAW ~ Dec 29, 2022 (SOTW; Amazing report from Utsava if true of course. Not sure about FBI/CIA has painted her dangerous or some "secret" agencies to poison her through McDonalds!?!. At least, HUmanity badly needs a breakthrough and Utsava is a great spiritual inspiration. When not if, when, Joe-the-Moe + the Pepo-Pope will resign as the last Unholy beings and Solar Flash gonna do the work, we're close to victory, I think! Buuutt, that's me, listen to what Utsava thinks) ~ |

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