Nov 7, 2022

☣️ (Why does covid still exist worldwide? More than 5.44bn ppl have received a CV-19 vax) 2009 Alan Watt was claiming there was some kind of global plan that involved pandemics, nukes, etc. (SOTW; what they have created is synthetic DNA and Parasites aka biological and synthetic LIFE forms and parasites all HUmans are facing in vax+food+air. Extreme carcinogens and genotoxins like Graphene Oxide (GO)- conductive and highly reactive to magnetic fields, Nano metals, PEG (Polyethylene glycol) and Ethylene alcohol + Hydrogel Nanobots. Nano alum from chemtrails sprayed into planet for decades. Btw I looove sushi not after this) ~ Nov 7, 2022 ~ |

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