Nov 18, 2022

šŸ”® ('Was Diana, Princess of Wales present at President Trump's Address 15th of Nov 2022? Was there a E.T., present?) Deeply Woo and Tarot,Too: Was Diana Present?" ~ Nov 18, 2022 (SoTW; Is Lady Di, still alive? Some say, 'Princess' Diana, was born a 'boy' into a 'noble' family, to wealthy parents, but it was marrying (King) Prince Charles III, that made her royalty and changed her life forever. And I don't really care, we're all on a spiritual path to redemption. Universe, is always offering us the opportunity to step into integrity, truth, atonement, and love) ~ |

Editor's Note: You know, I'll lost American and Danish friends, to cancer. Five, to be exact. Jay, was my soulmate. My bio-daughter forced to disowned me and my family, out of pure hate - she was not allowed, to love, her father. My step-daughter forced to disowned me after divorce by my Ukraine wife. More (old) friends not speaking to me, after Corona-scare 2020 and all because, I'm a fighter and true believer to the cause, of Planetary Liberation. Friends are saying; you've had ugly life, always in the gladiator arena, fighting and not, a steady person. Actually, I'm a very patient, trustworthy and sensitive lovely HUman being, but have run into some nasty people, with personality disorders and have learned a lot about myself and my strength and weaknesses. Some of my so-called friends consider me a 'conspiracy-terrorist' and a loser, believing in Ghost stories and little green men, from Mars. An unvaxxed crazy person with no job and no future, who's stepped outside the 3-D matrix of Simulation. Yes, Id some tough times but also amazing times. Remember, we all signed an Divine Contract, before entering into the Matrix, in all of the, reincarnations. I have removed the *trigger alerts* of trauma, ego, (most of the) addictions, greed and lust, and trust my inner beacon and believe system. Get rid of Trauma & Ego (rejection of authentic self) is the most difficult things in life - trust me... | 


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