Nov 5, 2022

🧙 ('Mother Earth transformed 2 years ago-humankind are ready and had enough of living in the box.') Differences between 3D and 5D ~ Nov 5, 2022 ~ |

My Dear Ones,

I am Saint Germain, and I am here today to explain the major differences between 3D and 5D. It was brought to my attention that many of you are confused how your transition is going to happen from the low vibrational world to higher one.

The part of population, who chose to stay asleep, will continue their spiritual development in 3D reality. Their souls for now want to carry on the journey without any drastic changes. They are not ready to take the next step in their evolution and on subconscious level prefer to stay in limited and restricted Matrix.

The other part of humankind are ready and had enough of living in the box. Their focus is on Ascension and the desire to move to the Golden Age leaving behind everything, that reminds them of 3D. If you really want to free yourselves from being programmed and brainwashed, then it’s time to stop the participation in this holographic show and reverse your attention with an effort into meditation and embrace yourself as a particle of the Universal Consciousness.

Please, acknowledge for yourselves that anyone can create anything in the Now not in the past or future. You are full of possibilities and abilities without limitations. It’s time to admit to yourself, the reality you stayed for so many lifetimes, doesn’t exist, it’s an illusion. Everything you saw here and experienced, it was like school years with some obstacles, now you are graduating and moving to the next chapter. You are assisting Mother Earth with cleansing from Evil.
The Divine presented own flawless plan, which is very different from what humanity made. Every being on this planet is a part of this plan. Humanity are participating in transformation without even knowing. Matrix is melting from high vibrations like an ice cream from heat.

My Dear Ones, your bodies are sending high energies that are breaking down the old world. Mother Earth transformed 2 years ago, we mentioned in our previous messages, now is your turn to follow her. Your physical bodies are going to change into multidimensional ones. I can promise that you are not going need money in 5D. This is not the Divine Plan to build a new society on toxic energies like money. It’s purpose was to use as exchange for offered goods not enslaving billions of beings. This why we can’t allow money into New Earth that just would create unnecessary obstacles.

Many of you have been talking about my fund Saint Germain, and even some claimed that they are assigned to watch over. My Dear Ones, these claims are not true. After many deliberations, Light Beings and I agreed no money circulation into 5D under any circumstances. Nobody uses them on other Star Systems, Galaxies and Universes. Thank you Universal Channel. I am sending Blessings and Love to everyone.

Be vigilant and be kind to yourself.
Saint Germain

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