Nov 9, 2022

πŸ—³️❌πŸ‘Š ~ (Judy; 'In 2015 Jacob Rothschild accused Putin of being a traitor to the New World Order. Let that sink in.') DC: Restored Republic via a GCR (SoTW; Outside this report - Blood moon Blood Bath or The Red Wave died down to a Red Ripple?? What's next = REVOLUTION??? LIVE - 46 DEM "51 for majority" GOP 47 = Re-he-he-heally? Not MASSIVE win to REP? Kari Lake vows to be media’s ‘worst fricking nightmare’.. The Demo-Rat Fetterman wins Pennsylvania. A man with Brain Damage who lived off mommy and daddy until he was 50 - Think abt that. My USA bestest buddie Jay will turn in his grave if fraud is once again allowed in the mid-term elec. and DNC Tower of Babel w/ Joe-the-Moe will not resign or suddenly die after falling down from stage during the 'shitshow') ~ Nov 9, 2022 ~ |

BLOOD MOON BLOODBATH... Democrats Steal Midterms, Communism Comes Home to America... Crime, Inflation, Record Gas Prices, War, Open Borders and Corruption WIN BIG ('

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of November 9, 2022

(Excerpts) from Full reports: 

Restored Republic via a GCR... by Tim Haagensen

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