Oct 11, 2022

πŸ‘‘ ('Timing of Queens “death” is full of symbolism. US + UK under Martial Law. Any crowning of new King purely symbolic to placate & sooth frantic public.') The ZetaTalk Newsletter (SOTW; IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW) ~ 11. Oct 2022 ~ |

The ZetaTalk Newsletter
Issue 835, Sunday October 2, 2022
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 Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth has been a Double for the past 3 years, as detailed in our Newsletter Issue675 in the lead feature titled London Bridge Down. This Newsletter was issued on September 8, 2019 exactly 3 years before her official death on September 8, 2022. As noted by those familiar with British Law, the Royal Family is no more nor is the new Prime Minister, Truss, legitimate. As within the US where Biden was not inaugurated according to law, the UK is thus left without official leadership, and is obviously under Martial Law run by the White Hat Alliance.

 Confirmation 8/31/2019: Queen Elizabeth was scheduled to be executed by the military Tribunals which are taking place in the US and the UK. What crimes has the Queen, personally, been guilty of? The Queen had Diana killed because Diana had learned of the Epstein blackmail scheme - Netanyahu and his Khazarian banking empire at the helm. The Queen, as part of the Nazi bloodline, the Illuminati control, was fully involved, and this included child sacrifice, which she condoned. Queen Elizabeth was confident that due to her high position, and very public presence, that she would be spared and allowed to live out her life in luxury. But military Tribunals rise above political posturing or the power any royalty might assume.

Buckingham Palace Announced ‘Deeply’ Concerning News Today: British PM
September 8, 2022

The new British prime minister, Liz Truss, shared that Buckingham Palace delivered grave news today following the announcement that Queen Elizabeth II has been put under medical supervision.
Queen Elizabeth Dies
September 8, 2022

Queen Elizabeth has died at Balmoral at the age of 96. All her children - Charles, Anne, Edward and Andrew - were with her or traveling to be there. Here’s what to expect as Operation Unicorn - not Operation London Bridge, since she passed away in Scotland - begins. Within 10 minutes flags across Whitehall lowered to half-mast. PM & senior officials informed. A "black-edged notice" will be placed on Buckingham Palace gates. The BBC will switch to news feeds, presenters will wear black suits and ties, sporting events will likely be canceled, and TV programming changed. All government social media sites will carry a black banner. Her body will be transported by Royal Train and her coffin will lie in state in Westminster Hall for four days so people may visit to pay their respects. Following her funeral on day 10 of mourning, the Queen will likely be buried at Windsor Castle. Prince Charles expected to be proclaimed King Friday morning.
Samantha Alderson Channel
So Truss becomes the new Conservative Leader only!!! Boris 2.0 is still Caretaker of the U.K. he never resigned as PM - only as the Tory leader. Liz Truss cannot be appointed in Scotland as it’s unlawful and goes against the English Constitution. The English constitution states the new PM has to take the oath in England by the serving monarch otherwise It’s null and void. Scotland has a different jurisdiction to England, so Doris 2.0 (Whitehat Plant) would technically still be P.M (Caretaker) of the U.K. The British Corporation (Government) has been fully disbanded and dissolved and so has the Royal establishment. There is no head of state there is no Government. We have no real PM because we don’t have a monarch to swear one in nor do we have a corporation to have one sworn into. As my friend pointed out all PMs have been null and void since 2001 when 25 Barons dissolved Parliament.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/8/2022: As we noted in Newsletter Issue 675, exactly 3 years before her announced death, the Queen has been executed and is now a Double. Her body has been on ice for 3 years and will be buried in case there is ever a DNA check requirement in the future. The timing of her “death” is full of symbolism for a reason. Just as the US is under Martial Law at present, though this is hidden from the public, the UK is likewise under Martial Law. Thus any crowning of a new King is purely symbolic to placate and sooth a frantic public.

Meanwhile, those with eyes to see can see the truth as the clues are all around them. Will the truth ever be officially announced? With the turmoil the pending New Madrid finale about to descend will bring to the UK, that will be the least of anyone’s concerns. Just as the present Congress of the US is hardly running the country, the new UK Prime Minister is neither in charge nor legal. Her visit to the Queen to take the Oath of Office in Scotland was illegal, just as Biden’s inauguration at 11:45 when the law states it must be at high noon. You are watching a movie on more than one continent at present.

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