Oct 16, 2022

πŸ‘Έ (SHOCKING: Fake R. Bloodline German-decent Queen-Lizzie, King Charles "3" etc. King Don Juan Carlos + Diana Spencer = Prince William. Lady Di 'releated-2-Winston Churchill' only true R. Bloodline) Charlie Ward's Insiders Club Replay, 15th October 2022 (SOTW; ROYAL QUAKE: DID YOU KNOW, THAT QUEEN-DAISY REMOVED & DEMOTED HER GRANDCHILDRENS HRH TITLES BRINGING CULL TOTAL TO SIX? THAT MEANS ALL GRANDCHILDREN NO LONGER PART OF THE MONARCHY OF DENMARK-ONLY COUNTS OR COUNTESSES) ~ 16 Oct 2022 ~ |

Editors Note: British Royal family = German by descent. Queen-Daisy aKa Margrethe II of Denmark Queen of Denmarkborn into house of GlΓΌcksburg-Oldenburg, has removed Princess Marie of Denmark's children's princely titles from her four grandchildren. Rumors of Queen just stripped Crown Princess Mary’s children of titles.  Queen-Daisy claimed 1st monarch of Denmark to be descendant of 'German' Queen Victoria. Is Queen-Daisy trans-woman? And know about  Cabal's 'Horrific Human-Hunting Parties', sex-parties on Greenland Hotel and know about adrenochrome-factories and much more. Danish whistleblowers + Tarot By Janine seems to thinks so. Pls don't get angry on SoTW -just the messenger... | 

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