Aug 28, 2022

🤠🌈🎴~ (Texas Rainbow universal message & Dammegaard's Umbrella Corp. PSYOPS + Michael J. SSP source) Janine Morigeau, Michael Jaco, Tom Numbers & Rachel WriteSide Blonde 💫💫💫💫 ~ | Blogger: How the heck could Tom Numbers pull that off?!? Traveling to Texas both in 2022 and 2021? - he must have taken the "jabadoo" and forced PCR testing. Strange. Or, of course, Tom, who knows Dr. Charlie Ward, has fixed it for him (fake vax papers?). Is Tom and Rachel boyfriend/girlfriend? Michael J. talks about Ole Dammegaard in the Tom Numbers video and the Deep State "Umbrella Group". Which, Ole, says, "umbrella" are everywhere (The Mystery Of The Umbrella Man At JFK's Assassination). Anyways, like I have spoken frequently on my blog and talked about the other day, with my Danish friend; My intuition is telling me, that Texas is where I wanna be on my next longer trip to USA, if it's possible in the future and someone could help me with a bit of money. I have planned to visit Mike Adams ranch, just for a good talk and other freedom fighters and truthers. And Texas is a free state, great food, the Longhorn State, full of ranches and cowboys; enjoy horseback riding, acres of beautiful rustic country, and a peaceful getaway from the big cities. Also, I assume could be the new Trump's and the White-Hats-White-House hideaway? I have been to many places in America (and around the world) and aimed Texas, as next target, where I wish, to meet some awesome free spirit people to talk to and engage on a higher frequency spiritual level and going into nature... |


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