Jul 17, 2022

🧑‍🔬🦠💉💣 ~ (Trials will begin soon... Mark my words... Big Pharma and Govt is done for) Undeniable Proof Some COVID Batches Were Pentagon’s DARPA Bioweapon Designed As AI Nano Vaksine-KillSh0ts Others Contain Placebo Doses Of Saltwater-Saline-Vitamins (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: From the SUN is dangerous, to climate change is a scam, burning food processing plants and starvation-crisis-scare. Extreme heat, that leads to wild fires, that leads to burning down farmers food crops, and elimination of bees and meat company stocks. And Dutch farmers angry over new livestock emissions targets and soon food rations, eating insects, vaccinations, Universal basic income and ONE world governance etc. etc. ... that is our Globalists end goals ... there's no easy way to say this ... you see ... there's a reason why so many said NO! but more said YES! ... you always have a choice ... Trust in Government entitles (politicians, departments, agencies and public bodies) will be peoples death! ... it's as simple as that... True sovereignty belongs to the people, who in turn delegate it to their governments... we have been taught by fake religions - and bible-schools, it is impossible for us to fully understand the connection between God's sovereignty and man's free will and responsibility. Only God knows how these two things are connected in His plan of salvation ... the good think is, You, each and every human in form, is a divinely created child of God, perfect in every way, you have just momentarily forgotten this absolute Truth about your pure and sinless identity. Every sentient life is divinely created to give joy to God, and not even one of them can fail to do so ... The “God Particle”, which is also called the “God Cell”, is situated between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. It is the intertwining of the pineal and pituitary glands known as “ida” and “Pingala” in Sanskrit. When properly activated, this particle is so powerful that spiritual abilities such as instantaneous healing frequencies, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairaudience are all possible which indicate a closer connection to SOURCE ... take it or leave it... this ends todays SoTW's transmission ... |

US Department of Defense Finally Comes Clean - Admits in Public Document that There Are 46 US Military-Funded Biolabs in Ukraine (thegatewaypundit.com)

Louisiana Nurse: “We Have Had More Children Die From The COVID Vaccine Than Of COVID Itself – The Madness Has to Stop!” – Era of Light

America’s New “Angels of Death”: Inject Humanity With a Gene-Altering Death-Dealing Technology. Medical Professionals Cannot Claim Ignorance. - Truth Comes to Light
Pentagon’s DARPA Plans To Create COVID-19 'Temporary Vaccine' Until Regular Vaccine Is Developed (ibtimes.com)
Nanotechnology Used in mRNA Vaccines and 2,000 Food Items Goes Unlabeled (theepochtimes.com)

Major Study Confirms COVID Vaccines Alter Women's Periods | ZeroHedge

It Begins: New Zealand Doctors Send Letter Asking Police to Investigate Deaths Following COVID Vaccinations (thegatewaypundit.com)

»Tiden er kommet«: Lægetjek af 40.000 ældre skal bane vej for hurtig vaccination (berlingske.dk)

Hundreds of thousands of US troops may face dismissal — RT World News

Hvordan fungerer Guds suverænitet og menneskets frie vilje sammen i frelsen? (gotquestions.org)
The God Particle And The Acceleration Of Human Consciousness - DNit (disclosurenews.it)
Saul: Each And Every Human in Form, Is A Divinely Created Child of God – Era of Light

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