Jul 15, 2022

😡‍πŸ’«⚡ ~ (There's something wrong with Mr. B.. The World of OPTICS for RED PILLING!... No More Pretending!) Impossible? mAKE sENSE 2 mE (Miscellaneous SoTW) ~ | Blogger: JUST IN; Trump cancels rally after he, Ivanka and Don Jr are forced to testify under oath. POTUS 45 Soon to be arrested? says Tarot by Janine (website "tarotbyjanine" dot com + Utsava (latest update)... Today for me, yesterday for some, tomorrow for others, there's a SuperMoon.... Soon, upcoming epic 8:8 LionsGate, we see Star Sirius rising on the horizon with our Sun…golden star next to blue star... Next week, I'm gonna visit my old good holistic ND and ask Higher-Self questions about what's coming. I told another Danish friend a while ago - the world could look very, very positive and different after August 2022 according to my predictions and gut instincts... |

PS: According to Leigh - International CC member Meditation, there's going to be a coordinator meeting tonight with Simon Parkes. Let's wish that other CC-members are able to be informed after, since, Simon and Becky, has issued so many new internal rules and spiritual rules. It's similar to BCG (Business Conduct Guidelines) at IBM I used to work for. It has hindered that we (CC-members) get intel internally and I can share to the public on my blog. SoTW is a bit tired of military Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and "rules". Yes, what happen behind the WhiteHats or GreyHats scenes most be kept "secret" so it cannot be hijacked. But I'm just tired of rules and regulations that has been the filthy-flue menace in my soup, for my entire working life. It's like Janine got a FREE YT-channel - now you have to pay-to-play for TRUTH. We still live in a money-driven-prison-planet. Sorry you guys - I needed to let off steam. I feel much better now😊. I'm soo grateful for everything I have and who I AM. My Danish friends has supported me with freedom sharing Paid Membership, holistic ND always nice to me and my family etc. thank you, thank you thank you. I love you all... |

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