Jun 9, 2022

πŸ§ͺπŸ’‰πŸ§¬πŸ’€ ~ (SADS: Avoid "Any" Vaccines) Are YOU listening to ME? Steer CLEAR of any "new" DARPA Gene-Toxic-Therapy Synthetic-DNA-Nano altering Vaccines. HPV; COVID, Monkeypox, Polio, Influenza! (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [πŸ‘‰While writing this piece, my danish holistic ND has confirmed it "might " be because of the "vaksines"πŸ‘ˆ]... But SoTW, how can you be sure SADS is about the Corona Wacko-Vaksines? Are youuu kidding me? I don't care - if young people below 40 are DYING of "acute heart failure" and more than 769 athletes have collapsed on the field during a game from March 2021 to March 2022. What do you think?? That includes, Christian Eriksen, who's Italien doctor confirms, he did not get the jabbed or had COVID and 'no hint of health problem' - but how the hell did he "die" then? He was GONE for minutes before he was put back to life (why is Christian sooo afraid of telling the truth? They will not let him play football, starstruck, signed an NDA?). DID YOU KNOW? Vibeke Manniche is a doctor, Ph.D. said and I quote; πŸ“‘"Last Saturday (the same day and before the football match), the Danish Medicines Agency sent a letter to all the country's doctors that they are currently investigating a possible connection between heart inflammation and the vaccines. Inflammation of the heart can lead to arrhythmias and, in the worst case, cardiac arrest."πŸ“‘. EVERYONE knows, that Danish PM, did not get the "real" 'vaksines' (as SoTW calls them). The so-called black "nurse" covered up the syringe and the actually injection. What about the 2,199 other EU elites injected with placebo, or saline or saltwater solution??... |


Doctors trying to determine why many young people are suddenly dying | Daily Mail Online


Vibeke Manniche – Christian Eriksen og hjertestop
Inter Milan official says Christian Eriksen's collapse had nothing to do with the COVID-19 vaccine after anti-vaxxers spread false rumors : Coronavirus (reddit.com)

Alan Watson pΓ₯ Twitter: "Injected with a saline solution, Dr Sousa-Faro, president of European pharma giant PharmaMar, is among 2,200 European elites charged with being falsely vaccinated against #Covid-19. Afraid of the jab, the elites paid thousands to be added to the immunization register. https://t.co/KC2vaVBtcY" / Twitter

Mette F. vaccineret – Ekstra Bladet

Bavarian Nordic ΓΈjner mulighed for at fΓ₯ koppevaccine ind pΓ₯ kΓ¦mpelager (watchmedier.dk)

Ny variant vender alt, vi troede, at vi vidste, pΓ₯ hovedet og giver stigende smitte om sommeren - TV 2 (nyheder-tv2-dk.translate.goog)

Shanghai to lock down 2.7 million, a week after easing Covid restrictions | China | The Guardian

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