Jun 28, 2022

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"Wild solar weather is causing satellites to plummet from orbit. It’s only going to get worse." ~ BF

Who is this Benjamin Fulford? BF (born 1961) is a 
journalist, author of Canadian descent, who lives in Japan. He speaks 4 languages, including Japanese. He worked in Japan as a correspondent for Knight Ridder, The International Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun English Edition, and South China Morning Post, before his days at Forbes Magazine, where he was the Asian office manager from 1998 to 2005. His investigative reports persecuted scandals in the Japanese government and business. After leaving Forbes, he wrote a number of Japanese books, some of which became best sellers, and began to publish on the internet. He surrendered to Japanese citizenship in 2007. He gained some popularity on the internet after he conducted an interview with David Rockefeller in November 2007.

Angela Hitler Gathers Lieutenants in Germany to Mourn Loss of Fourth Reich

Blogger: A far-fetched story!?... Yes I agree... Verdensalt has been following Fulford’s reports for some years, reading them should probably be done with a large grain of salt. There's NOTHING right or wrong in this storytelling, other than some entertainment, some are properly truth or false claims, hard to factcheck. As always, use your own spiritual discernment. BF seems to share information directly from alleged sources within the Pentagon, CIA, White Dragon Society, and so on. Often the data presented is contradictory on the surface, but underneath in the intelligence services apparatus or underworld, more likely. It would probably be more productive to consider his data as one possible perspective on what is happening on Earth at this time.. With that said, the world is unbelievable corrupted and nasty, it's sometimes hard after a man swallowed The Red Pill...

Published by Benjamin on June 27, 2022

Benjamin Fulford Report: Angela Hitler Gathers Lieutenants in Germany to Mourn Loss of Fourth Reich – Era of Light

In an echo of History, Angela Hitler gathered her lieutenants at her father’s castle in Bavaria to vow to fight the last Ukrainian in the face of inevitable defeat by overwhelming Russian forces. This so-called G7 meeting is part of an emergency gathering of Khazarian mafia leaders who now face both military defeat and war crimes tribunals.

A look at the situation in Europe, the US and around the world makes it very clear we are dealing with the end of an era. Even the Jerusalem Post, the flagship newspaper for the former Khazarian mafia stronghold of Israel, admits this now:

We are nearing the death of the old geopolitical system and of the world order that has kept repeating itself from the medieval ages.

It seems, finally, that this cycle of plague, war and famine will be the last of Western hegemony and the birth of a new world order, a new world order which will probably bring back the balance of power to Asia and Africa, which were the centers of global wealth and power long before the industrial revolution.


Let us start with the situation in Ukraine. In a sign of total military defeat, Ukrainian “recruiters” are now snatching people from their houses, the streets, restaurants and entertainment facilities and sending them untrained and poorly armed to the front lines. “A large number of seasoned Nazis were put out of action and those reservists who are now sent into battle aren’t fit for the task,” military expert Colonel Viktor Baranets told RT.


Grabbing people off the streets and putting them into ditches to get killed by artillery is a clear sign of the imminent and total collapse of the Ukrainian military.

Both Japanese and British military intelligence say the whole so-called war is a marketing operation so the arms industry has an excuse to buy new weapons and keep itself afloat.

Japanese military intelligence says what is happening is that NATO is dumping it’s old and about to expire weapons stocks. The old weapons are all going to Syria and Afghanistan, not Ukraine, they add

“NATO is de facto The North Atlantic Arms Trade Organization even if under various other guises,” an MI6 source agrees noting “The Russo Ukrainian Conflagration is, in fact, the NATO Russo Conflagration intended to make a market.”

It is more than just arms sales though. What is really happening is the collapse of the EU and the United States of America Corporation, which are brand names of the Nazi Fourth Reich, the sources say.

Behind the scenes, the former Nazi Fuehrer George Bush Sr. ordered the murder of Dr. Michael Van De Meer, the former head of MI6, several years ago. In retaliation, the entire Bush clan was executed, MI6 sources say.

The Nazis then counter-retaliated with the Frankfurt-based election fraud which installed as President “a Joe Biden who was too incapacitated to know what was happening.” The source adds that “to my knowledge, nobody in the world listens to a word the man says.” This whole Nazi Biden counter move has led the US “a car wreck beyond repair and essentially a failed state.”

What we are likely to witness over the coming weeks or at most months is the complete surrender of Europe, multiple sources agree.

However, according to both the NSA and MI6, last Sunday night the world came very close to full out thermo-nuclear war when

Russia launched four nuclear bombers as presidential Avatar Vladimir Putin was rushed to an underground shelter.

This came after Russia knocked out all European military satellites to blind Western defenses, the sources say.

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Lt-Gen Gurulyov, a senior commander who now represents United Russia, the main pro-Putin political party told Russian State TV they were going to “hit London first.” He also said “We’ll destroy the entire group of enemy’s space satellites during the first air operation,” he said.


Clearly, from a military common-sense point of view, the Russians are not going to announce such a move in advance. The following headline makes it clear the satellite take-out has already happened:

Wild solar weather is causing satellites to plummet from orbit. It’s only going to get worse.

In the article Anja Stromme, the European Space Agency’s Swarm mission manager, told Space.com, “There is a lot of complex physics that we still don’t fully understand going on.”


“Complex physics” probably meant Russian anti-satellite weapons.

This was followed by a complete news blackout and reports of an imminent nuclear attack.

Thermo-nuclear war stopped when MI6 contacted Russian intelligence to say they agreed with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s call for “creating a common space from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.”


In other words, a plan to replace the current Khazarian mafia-controlled international system centered around the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, the BIS etc. is already underway.

The plan calls for replacing the UN Security Council with a grouping of representatives from seven regions: The Americas (North and South), Europe including Russia, China, India, East Asia and Oceania (excluding China), Africa and the Muslim world.

This will now be publicly announced. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has already publicly spoken out in favor of the unification of North and South America.


Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has called for a Muslim superstate when he said last week “Turkey cannot be kept within its borders.”

Now Russia and England have agreed on a united Europe.

A major BRICS Plus meeting last week also made it clear that the rest of the world is also in agreement on the end of the US corporate-dominated post-war system.

At this meeting, the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) met with representatives from many countries including Egypt, Argentina, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Thailand, Uruguay and many others.


Argentine President Alberto Fernández applied for BRICS membership at the meeting. This is very good news because it means that Argentina has requested Russian and Chinese etc. military aid to deal with renegade elements of the Khazarian mafia who, according to Mossad sources, have bought up 1,000 miles of Patagonian coastline to use as a hiding place for their planned nuclear war.


At the meeting, the heads of state and government of the BRICS countries agreed to use the Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) mechanism as an alternative to the IMF. They also favored an international reserve currency based on the currencies of the BRICS member states, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday


To support these plans, both Europe and the US will be cut off from oil and gas supplies from the rest of the world.

There are some public signs of this boycott:

In an open letter published by the weekly Journal du Dimanche on Sunday, the bosses of France’s major energy companies called on individuals and companies to immediately limit electricity consumption in order to prepare for a looming energy crisis.


“All [G7] members are concerned about the crisis we are facing – falling growth rates in some countries, rising inflation, shortages of raw materials, disrupted supply changes – these are no small challenges,” said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz


The countries of the world are currently boycotting Europe and the USA mainly because of their genocidal economic plans.

Russian Security Council Chairman Nikolai Patrushev said he had evidence from Ukraine that Washington was attempting to kill a large percentage of the world’s population, based on evidence of military biological programs. These projects “require the special attention of the civilized world” because the Americans were the only ones unwilling to sign the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.


Of course, as mentioned above, the KM leaders will not go quietly into the night as they are set to be executed for war crimes. So let’s take a look at what their plans are and how their reign is collapsing.

Italian P3 Masonic sources say the current plan is to get the rubber masked avatar pretending to be Pope Francis to resign. A hunger crisis is then set to be triggered and an African pope to emerge as a savior to regain KM control of Africa and other developing countries, the sources say.


That’s why Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ actions are delaying a solution to the global food crisis.


The KM will also be beating the drums of war for as long as possible, with studio backed propaganda starring Rothschild operative Vladimir Zelensky.

In the latest enactment, Ukrainian security services staged video footage showing Russian forces destroying private homes and “making local residents homeless.” More than 40 actors were used for the filming, and all participants received a $25 cash reward, Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev, head of Russia’s National Defense Management Center, said on Saturday.


Then there are the constant threats from the WHO etc. to kill us all with bioweapons. An example of this is Avatar Biden’s apparent attempt last week to extort money from the rest of the world by saying, “There’s going to be another pandemic. We need to plan ahead.”

Of course, such threats are not taken lightly. Perhaps that explains the video of bodies being brought out of the White House on stretchers.

We also get several reports of the so-called G7 leaders gathering in Hitler’s castle. At least four of them, French President Emmanuelle Macron, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Castro and of course Joe Biden are only avatars as the originals have been removed.

For example, this message says:

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has undergone “very minor routine surgery related to his sinuses,” his official spokesman said on Monday. “He was back in Downing Street just after 10am.”


There is no mention that he came back noticeably younger and thinner.

Also note that the Castro seen in Germany is a thinner version of the Castro seen recently in Canada.


Rest assured that the white hats of the US, Canada and the UK will get rid of these criminals sooner rather than later.

Texas and Arizona are already refusing to recognize the false Biden regime. Texas Republicans are now pushing for a referendum to vote on the state’s secession from the US in 2023, at a convention that declared Biden’s victory illegitimate


According to CIA sources, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has agreed to become vice president if the real Donald J. Trump (rather than the KM propaganda TV actor) is re-elected president.


The KM will try to stage riots, using divisive maneuvers like Roe vs. Wade nullification and other things to get people to fight each other instead of attacking them.

But basically it’s game over. Here’s what a non-British European king said about the G7 meeting:

“Most of the top cabal figures have now capitulated. This includes groups like the Swedish royal family. There are only a few resisters left around Angela Merkel, who called a meeting last week [at the G7 meeting] to make it appear that she still matters. There’s also a small group of ragpickers around fake Joe Biden. Other than that, it’s a done deal at this point.

Finally, let’s revisit some images sent to us by the Secret Space Program folks that promise much more than just political change.

For example, take a look at the “camouflage ships” or “lenticular clouds” on June 21, the day of the North Dakota Solstice.

The next is a UFO filmed in Mexico.

Video Player

Then check out this Alien Medical video that was sent to us.

Video Player

As always, we add that while these things are fascinating, they still don’t impact our daily lives. The best thing to do in turbulent times is to focus on what you see and experience in your personal everyday life and make sure that everything is okay. But rest assured the good guys will win. Humanity will be liberated.


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