Jun 14, 2022

✨ ~ ๐Ÿ’“ ('New Nyla Report: Saturn Retrograde. Matrix Collapsing. Secret Diary of Admiral Richard Byrd.') FBI SUED FOR A BILLION, TWITTER BEING INVESTIGATED BY AG IN TEXAS, CANADA’S DIGITAL PRISON, PROTECTI (3D to 5D Consciousness) ๐Ÿ’• ~ | Blogger: (SoTW) ๐ŸชAs soon as Mercury retrograde ended, another retrograde immediately began - and that one happens to be Saturn retrograde, which kicked off on June 4 and lasts through October 22 astrology, that will affect each Zodiac Sign... ๐ŸŒŽ๐ŸฅฅNOTE: A MUST-watch-and-listen-to piece is when Nyla put out an report (26 minute marker) about Admiral Richard Byrd of the United States Navy, who flew to the North Pole in 1926 and over the South Pole in 1929 and was invited inside Inner Earth or Hollow Earth to meet their leaders. According to his secret entry, he met the ancient race underground and witnessed a huge base with animals and plants previously thought to have been extinct and much more... ๐Ÿง‘‍✈️PS: On a side note -- 1957, SAS DC-7C flew from Copenhagen via Anchorage in Alaska to Tokyo, shortening the flying time between Scandinavia and Japan from 50 to 32 hours! In October, 1960, SAS introduced DC-8 jetliner flights directly over the North Pole to Japan, slashing East-West travel time from 27 to less than 16 hours. Suddently, after 1961, SAS 'NEVER' went over the North Pole again, due to irregularities in flight instruments. However, some say it was because of what they discovered, perhaps the entrance to Hollow Earth or NASA blacklisted the area... |

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Saturn retrograde doesn’t disappoint, FBI and Twitter are now reaping the karma that they have created for themselves. And I’m here to spread the good news of their demise. Canada is creating a digital prison with their blockchain technology tracking everyone like they are cattle. If you’re one of these folks sensitive to EMF and Solar flares, there’s a product to help you feel more balance and grounded. I’m also going to be covering Inner Earth and Valiant Thor, our Galactic brothers and sisters from above and below.

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