Jun 13, 2022

🎴📺👑😮 ~ (A LIVE CGI. Crisis-actors, George Floyd & FF Texas ops Gun-Grab! Prince Charlies DEAD for 3 yrs. Prince Harry & Meghan "PSYOP") TRUTH BEHIND THE STAGED SCENARIOS & DS GLOBALIST RITUAL! TEXAS! QUEEN'S EVENT! TECH BTS DEPLOYED! (Tarot by Janine) ~ | Blogger: My Danish friend was extremely excited about "Simon Cowell" on AGT, where they used CGI or Deepfake in a LIVE-show after Janine told us, it was WH operation. He said to me - ENOUGH! I will share this to my wife and on my "LinkedIn" for everyone to see. He told his wife after she watched the embedded video (AGT); "what if, they used this kind of technology in the danish news you watch on TV everyday". Of course, his wife got upset and they haven't spoken to each other rest of the day, but as my friend told me, I have known my wife for 40 yrs and she will be back again, but never-ever admit, he was right, to "proud and stubborn" (like 99% of danish people) but, the end of the day, see eye-to-eye... 📽️PS: Michael Jaco (ex-Navy-SEAL) talks to Lewis Herms on the same subject about CGI as they did on "Simon Cowell". Lewis says; this is how they get the messages out to people in "small reveal" and it's absolutely incredible "to plant a seed" (SoTW - into the Muggles mind/heart). Lewis goes on, we KNOW they did it to the Queen, but more importantly, to, Joe Biden, because the White House has admitted, they have all this equipment. We know they have admitted they have a studio outside the White House - across the street. etc. We all know "The Boiling Frog Theory", that the "Cabal - the Deep State" has been using FOREVER!... |

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