Jun 20, 2022

๐Ÿง‘‍⚕️๐Ÿ›‘ ~ (June 23, 2020: Do WHO declaring Monkeypox ‘Emergency of International Concern’?) U.S. AIR FORCE GENERAL NAMES THE TRAITORS & PLOT TO DESTROY AMERICA (SGT Report) ~ | Blogger: Will the deep state TRAITORS to America and their plot along with the World Health Organization to lock us all down with another pLandemic as soon as June 23rd - asked by Dave from SGT... - OR - As SoTW asks; could there be Trump, WhiteHats, Off-worlders and counterforces helped by Project Looking Glass, helping HUmanity? At least fresh from the press; My Higher Self said yesterday assisted by my Holistic ND, "something", is about to happen with Joe Biden in June of 2022. July announcement of "Hologram" Queenie-Lizzie has left Earth plane and August, it's the CGI-Pope's turn. I did ask my H-S about BIG PHARMA and the answer was, a few years time, Big Pharma is no more - not able to produce any NEW killer-profit-toxic medicine, vaccines... Then we have predictions of high-level energies from 21 June solstice and 'remarkable' and rare parade of 5 planets in the morning sky through the end of June. Perhaps the Dark Alliance wish to stop a Solar Flash from happening, between 21-23 is keep dates. Not to mention the peak of Schumann Resonance... |


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